Halfwave Wins Two New in-line Inspection Contracts from Woodside

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Halfwave, which has developed innovative and cost-effective in-line inspection technology for the oil and gas pipelines, has been awarded two new inspections by Woodside in Australia.

The awards have been made as part of a Master Services Agreement (MSA).

Woodside is an early adopter of Halfwave’s ultra-wideband acoustic resonance technology (ART), which provides measurement capabilities beyond those of existing inspection technologies.

ART is an acoustic resonance measurement technology is a highly accurate inspection technique which has overcome the typical limitations of traditional ultrasonic testing (UTWM). The acoustic signals transmit readily through gas, so there is no need for a liquid coupling medium, and they penetrate internal coatings and surface deposits, such as wax within the pipe, far more effectively than traditional inspection methods.

Also, ART reaches the places other technologies can’t.

The signal transmitters and receivers can stand off several inches from the pipe wall making ART pipeline pigs capable of negotiating pipelines with constrictions and internal diameter changes which would impede other ILI pigs.

The ART Scan® is ideal for the inspection of gas and liquid pipelines and is a non-contact, low friction, lightweight technology and only the polyurethane is in contact with the pipe wall.

The two new ILI operations are planned to be carried out in 2019 on the 20” x 54km Pluto Flowline and the 40” x 134km 1TL Trunkline.

Halfwave CEO, Paul Cooper, said: “We are delighted with this latest award from Woodside, who are a driver of new technology. The award is further confirmation of ART’s value proposition to the inspection market.

Since Halfwave’s initiation in 2013, Woodside have been a strong supporter ART technology and have been active in qualifying and developing this next generation of ILI technology.

“We will strive to continue the good work to ensure Woodside’s needs are met on this and future projects.”

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