Gas Compression & Re-Injection Station Will Be Inaugurated in Hassi-Messaoud

Source: 9/4/2019, Location: Africa

The gas compression and re-injection plant at Hassi Messaoud (Ouargla) will be inaugurated shortly, said Sonatrach CEO Rachid Hachichi.

Located in Zcina (Hassi Messaoud North), Mr. Hachichi explained that this project involved the construction of a gas compression and re-injection station with a capacity of 24 million m2 per day, stating that this "station is ready and should be inaugurated soon. "

This station will have to ensure the compression and the reinjection of gas well Zcina itself, as well as others and then to increase their production, he detailed, adding that "tests are already conducted on the facilities this station that is waiting for its commissioning.

Continuing his inspection visit to Hassi Messaoud, Sonatrach's CEO went on to carry out the project to build a separation and compression center (Upside Nord), also within the scope of the projects. structuring of the region. The facility will process 40,000 barrels of oil a day, as well as 5 million cubic meters of gas per day, Hachichi said, saying such infrastructure will "ensure continuous production in the future."

Hachichi also welcomed the "young staff" who manages the center, noting that Sonatrach had "opted for a policy of rejuvenation to give young people the chance in new projects to express their talent on field ".

The manager also visited the new Hassi Messouad pumping station, commissioned in 2019, to replace the old station dating back to 1959.

Equipped with the latest control, process and fire-fighting technologies and with a capacity of 14 million m3 / d, the new station is part of Sonatrach's policy of modernization and revamping of the installations. to be able to guarantee production in the coming years.

Earlier, and at the beginning of his visit, Mr. Hachichi stated that the project of revamping and the realization of a new production system at the level of the South satellite units at Hassi Messaoud will allow long-term production and support the production. .

During a visit to the site, Mr. Hachichi said that the purpose of his visit was "inspection of the completion of structural projects in one of the largest oil and condensate production areas".

To this end, he explained that "these structuring projects are very important, in particular those revamping and modernization projects that will allow long-term production, but also support production".

Revamping is the totality of the interventions on an industrial installation, allowing to modify or to increase its production capacity, as well as the modernization and the updating of its installations.

Hachichi also added that "this is an intense activity to ensure the future of production in this region," adding that this visit "will allow us to closely monitor and review the actual progress of its projects. so expected to improve and support production ".

In the same vein, Sonatrach's regional director in Hassi Messaoud, Toufik Hamdane, explained to the APS that the revamping project's contribution is twofold, allowing on the one hand to acquire new technologies, but also increase production capacity, a gain of 3,000 tonnes of oil per day, as well as the elimination of flared gases of about 500,000 m3 per day.

The installations of the satellite units of the south Hassi Messaoud field, commissioned mostly in the 1970s, are equipped with technologies that have become obsolete, according to the explanations provided on site.

Therefore, the operation of these facilities becomes difficult, the performance of their rotating machines low, in addition to the high risks they represent in terms of security.

In order to overcome this situation, a revamping project for these facilities was decreed in 2014 and consists of bringing installations into compliance, revamping operating units, and optimizing the collection network.

This will increase the availability rate of rotating machines (from 92 to 99%), increase production, and stop and recover flared gases.

Totaling 7.5 billion dinars, or 650 million dollars, including 51% in Algerian dinar, the project whose contracts had been signed in April 2016 entrusted to the JGC Group (Japan) for a deadline of realization 48 months.

Several Algerian companies had been involved in the project as subcontractors of the JGC group like ENGTP, ENGCB, SNC El Amel.

The project, scheduled to be completed in June 2020, was delayed due to new installations on production units, difficulties in identifying old pipes buried and discovered during construction, and some strikes. staff from Algerian companies hired by JGC in the project.

This delay, currently estimated at 10 months, will bring the final reception of the new installations to March 2021. In this sense, Sonatrach's CEO has instructed his managers to "redouble their efforts" to make up for the delays in all the projects, as well as "to learn from them to use them in the future. ".

Asked by the press about the reasons for such delays and whether they were not related to financial reasons, Hachichi said it was "rather late for technical reasons," adding that Sonatrach "Does not have financial problems" (APS).

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