Five PGS Surveys Support Indonesia 2020 Licensing Round

Source: 3/20/2020, Location: Asia

New data is now available for five recently acquired PGS MultiClient 3D surveys over basins spanning the Indonesian archipelago. All provide significant uplifts in seismic data quality, based on GeoStreamer broadband acquisition and imaging.

Imaging has been improved throughout the seismic section. This is especially apparent for the deeper hydrocarbon plays that were previously not visible on legacy data. The hydrocarbon potential of all the basins has now greatly improved based on the new seismic data.

PGS data coverage currently available from west to east Indonesia includes

- North Sumatra - MC3D prestack time data (PSTM).
- North Madura - prestack depth data (PSDM).
- South Makassar - prestack depth data (PSDM).
- West Timor - prestack depth data (PSDM).
- West Abadi - post-stack time data.
- Depth imaging for North Sumatra and West Abadi will be available soon.

Make Better Decisions on Indonesia Opportunities
North Sumatra MC3D provides spectacular revelations of the potential of a new, deeper, syn-rift play in this highly prospective basin. The new data displays numerous direct hydrocarbon indicators.

North Madura MC3D and South Makassar MC3D are located in the highly prospective Tertiary basins of the southeast Sundaland margin. Modern broadband GeoStreamer data images the proven Eocene source-kitchens and allows tracking of potential migration pathways to newly imaged prospects (see Tracking Eocene Source Kitchens case study).

West Timor MC3D offers new insights into both the under-explored fold and thrust belt and the proven prolific Mesozoic system of the Australian plate.

West Abadi MC3D highlights potential large new structures analogous to the adjacent multi-TCF Abadi and Sunrise Fields.

"These five new seismic datasets acquired with GeoStreamer broadband technology offer essential insights for exploration teams in advance of the upcoming Indonesian License Round," affirms Tad Choi, Sales & New Ventures Manager, Asia at PGS.

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