PGS Completes 2020 Acquisition on Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X MC3D

Source: 6/16/2020, Location: South America

PGS vessel Ramform Titan has completed acquisition on the first two parts of a new long-offset GeoStreamer-X seismic survey in Campos Basin. The majority of the coverage so far targets areas for the Brazil 17th Bidding Round scheduled for early 2021. Fast track PSDM products will be available through Q3 and Q4-2020.

The Ramform Titan seismic survey vessel set a new record, towing the largest acquisition spread ever deployed in Brazil with a 14 x 100 x 10050 meter, dual-sensor, dual-source configuration.

Ramform Titan completed acquisition of the 6 500 sq. km area ahead of schedule, with an average production of 80 sq. km per day. This was achieved by overcoming the known demands of the Campos Basin and managing the additional challenges of offshore logistics during the COVID-19 pandemic. PGS was able to deliver safe and reliable operations, recording high-quality data every day since late February with a single crew, thanks to the advanced design specifications of the vessel and dedication of the crewmembers.

Tailored for Campos Exploration Opportunities

PGS’ Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X program targets Campos Basin presalt open acreage, areas acquired in the 14th Bidding Round, and open acreage offered in the 17th Bidding Round.

The survey will cover an area of approximately 14 500 sq. km and overshoot PGS’ existing orthogonal MC3D currently being reprocessed in parallel.

This new GeoStreamer X project will provide 10 km long offsets to improve depth velocity modeling accuracy of the post-salt, salt and presalt sections, facilitated by the use of PGS’ Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) technologies.

These additional offset data also promise added angle-range for presalt seismic amplitude analysis and reservoir characterization. Incorporating the newly reprocessed orthogonal MC3D datasets (8 km offsets) will provide a multi-azimuth solution, enabling improved illumination of the subsurface structures found within the presalt plays in this portion of the Campos Basin.

First Data on 2020 Acquisition

The western part of 2020 acquisition on the Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X survey targets presalt open acreage. The multi-azimuth products will include ~3 000 sq. km of TTI Kirchhoff and both single and multi-azimuth RTM (45Hz) PSDM products, which will benefit from both the fidelity of the new GeoStreamer acquisition, and the broadband reprocessing of the underlying orthogonal datasets. Full Integrity PSDM products will be available Q2-2021.

The eastern portion now completed on this project targets the Deepwater Open Acreage to be offered in the upcoming 17th Bidding Round. Fast-track PSDM products will be available through Q3 and Q4-2020, prior to the 17th Bidding Round. Full-integrity PSDM products will be available in 2021, including KPSDM and 45 Hz RTM.

In addition, PGS will be offering, gravity and magnetic data for regional basin analysis, as well as standard GeoStreamer field deliverables.

John Cramer, New Ventures Manager for Brazil commented: “The Ramform Titan’s execution of the first phases of the GeoStreamer X project in Brazil proved again the efficient and safe operations afforded by our Ramform Titan-Class vessels towing large spreads in the challenging Brazil environment. We are more than grateful to her crew for completing the first phase of this program without a crew change during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to completing the remaining phase of this program in 2021 when offshore logistics can be secured.”

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