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Streamlined Template for Annual Status Report for Fields in Production

Source: 7/2/2020, Location: Europe

The template for the annual status report (ASR) for fields in production from 2019 to 2020 has been simplified. Starting from 2020, ASR for fields in production must be submitted to the NPD by 15 October.

“It will now be easier to report data to the Annual status report (ASR) for fields in production. This is a first step towards full digitalisation of the ASR reporting,” says Tove Francke, Assistant director Development and operations - Norwegian Sea.

Simpler and more efficient
Until now, ASR has been based on filling in a form in Word, which has been quite extensive. Part of the status reporting will now be done in Excel. Some tables have been removed, others have been simplified and the scope of the information that must be addressed has been reduced.

The objective is to ensure the process becomes simpler and more efficient for both the companies and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

“Reporting data in Excel will make it easier to digitalise and compare data for purposes such as field and portfolio analyses by the authorities and the licensees,” says Francke.

Concurrent deadlines
Starting from 2020, ASR for fields in production must be submitted to the NPD by 15 October, ref. amendment to Section 47 of the Regulations to the Act relating to Petroleum Activities which came into force on 1 February 2020. This has a concurrent deadline with reporting for the Revised National Budget (RNB). Coordinating these reporting deadlines will ensure a closer link between RNB and ASR.

Among other things, ASR is an important basis for the authorities’ assessment of applications for production permits. The Guidelines for production permits are currently being revised, with an estimated publication date within October this year. The work load will be reduced and reporting will be simplified by a closer link between RNB, ASR and production permit applications.

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