Vintage Energy Completes First Stage of Vali-1 ST1 Fracture Stimulation

Source: 7/16/2020, Location: Not categorized

The ATP 2021 joint venture (Vintage Energy 50% and operator, Metgasco 25% and Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) 25%) has advised that the first fracture stimulation stage for the Vali-1 ST1 well, in the deepest Tirrawarra Sandstone, has been completed. This section will now be cleaned out before being isolated to allow for the second fracture stimulation stage in the shallower Patchawarra Formation.

The Vali-1 ST1 fracture stimulation program is a planned six stage program, with the five remaining stages to be solely in the Patchawarra Formation. Operations commenced on Sunday 12 July, with the first activity being the perforation of the casing over the stage one interval, which was followed by a hole cleanout, an injection test and a mini-frac. These initial activities were undertaken to refine parameters for the first fracture stimulation stage.

The stage one fracture stimulation was completed on Wednesday 15 July, with the stage one zone to be isolated by setting a plug above the zone. Thisprocess will continue foreach fracture stimulation stage, with each plug set prior to undertaking the stimulation of the next shallower zone until all stages have been completed. At the completion of fracture stimulation operations, the isolation plugs will be milled out to provide full access to all six zones in preparation for flow testing the well. It is expected that the remaining five stages willbe completed over the next 10 days.

The flow testing program objectives will be to measure stabilised gas flow rates from the Patchawarra Formation and Tirrawarra Sandstone, as well as record down-hole reservoir pressure and individual zonal gas flow contribution. Once this has been completed, the results of the program will be assessed and incorporated into a commercialisation plan for the asset. A further ASX release on the program will be made once all fracture stimulation stages have been completed.
Vintage Managing Director, Neil Gibbins, said:

'While we anticipated a successful start to the fracture stimulation program, it is always pleasing to have the first stage placed. The Vali-1 ST1 well is similar to the many wells that Santos has drilled, and fracture stimulated, in the Cooper Basin to date. To this end,we look forward to moving quickly to flow testing the well once all the fracture stimulation stages have been completed.'

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