New CamGT Air Inlet Filter Line Boosts Power, Uptime and Profits

Source: 7/23/2020, Location: Europe

Camfil Power Systems, the industry expert in clean air solutions for turbomachinery, has released its latest generation of the CamGT product line featuring hydrophobic, low, and stable pressure drop air inlet filters designed to boost turbomachinery performance.

CamGT filters are engineered to excel in extreme environments where turbomachinery is threatened by high humidity, salt-laden air, heavy pollution, or fine particulates. They are designed for EPA efficiency to Boost Power by virtually eliminating degradation while maintaining a low and stable pressure drop, to Boost Uptime by eliminating maintenance requirements for filters and engine parts, and to Boost Profits by significantly reducing operating expenses.

“The new features will increase equipment availability, reduce corrosion risk, and improve fuel consumption and carbon footprints,” said Product Manager, Sophie Belanger.

New features:
- Patented pleating technology permits a more open face geometry and the patented aerodynamic grid redirects the exiting air, reducing pressure drop
- Patented drainage vane design improves drainage capabilities
- Hydrophobic media and patented double sealed construction eliminate the risk of dissolved contaminants passing through the filters, thus eliminating corrosion risks, as well as reducing fouling
- Original vertical pleat with open hot melt ensures drainage for a low and stable operating pressure drop Rigid one-piece front frame and supporting grid ensure wet burst pressure over 6 000 Pa

The new generation includes three models. At an E10[1] efficiency rating, the Improved CamGT 4V-300 has a reduced initial pressure drop, now at 200 Pa. The New CamGT 3V-440 features outstanding pressure drop performance for its depth range, initially at 155 Pa. The Flagship CamGT 3V-600 has a current global installed base of more than 20,000 filters, some of which have been safely operating for over 40,000 hours, and is still the market leader with an initial pressure drop at 135 Pa.

CamGT filters are offered from ISO ePM1 75% (F7[2]) to E12 efficiency and have been tested to the latest industry standards: efficiency, burst strength, and water repellency per ISO 16890:2016, EN1822:2019, and the upcoming standards ISO29461-3 and ISO 29461-7.

The Value Rating, the newest filter classification system, shows that at an E12 efficiency rating, a Typical E12 filter has a 98.6% Output Rating (expected gas turbine power output), the CamGT 3V-600 has 99.2%, the CamGT 3V-440 has 99.1%, and the CamGT 4V-300 has 98.9%. This filter comparison shows that even a small increase could significantly improve profitability for the gas turbine operator.

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