Reduc Conducts First S10 Diesel Cabotage Operation

Source: 8/24/2020, Location: South America

The Duque de Caxias Refinery (Reduc) concluded, on August 9, its first cabotage operation (transportation by sea within the country's coastal waters) of Diesel S10, with a loading of 25 thousand cubic meters (m) of fuel for the Guanabara Bay Waterway Terminal (TABG), from where the product was transported by ship to the Port of Paranagua (PR).

Reduc has the capacity to produce 150 thousand m of Diesel S10 per month. Until June this year, the segregated internal logistics system for operating the Diesel S10 only allowed pumping movements for the distribution companies around the refinery.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the reduction in demand for this derivative in the Rio de Janeiro region, the refinery carried out internal maneuvers and ballast conditioning in order to enable the product to flow through its interconnection with the TABG, where it has already Cabotage and export operations for other products are normally carried out, such as export fuel oil, 0.5% bunker, S10 gasoline, petrochemical naphtha, marine diesel and S500, among others.

New cabotage operations are already being programmed with the S10 produced at Reduc. With the current levels of local demand, Reduc is able to coast between 60 and 70 thousand m of the product per month , explains the sector manager for Production Programming at Reduc, Gabriel Amorim. The availability of this volume directly impacts the reduction of imported volume to serve the domestic diesel market and increases Petrobras' competitiveness vis--vis importing agents in the sector.

According to the Production Programming Manager for the Industrial area, Adriano Cesar de Medeiros Valentim, in view of the re-heating of the S10 Diesel market in Brazil, the disposal of S10 by Reduc to serve cabotage areas or even to support markets with greater demand allows that Petrobras be even more competitive and increase the reliability of diesel supply, also making it possible to increase the utilization factor of the refinery .

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