Petrobras Increases Supply of Low Sulfur Diesel

Source: 11/16/2020, Location: South America

Petrobras is increasing the supply of low-sulfur diesel S-10 to the market, in line with the strategy of producing more sustainable fuels. Today the sale of the product corresponds to half of the company's total diesel sales, a growth of + 131% in the last three years (Oct / 2017 to Oct / 2020). In October, the production of S-10 diesel broke a record for the fifth consecutive month and the volume sold reached the mark of 2.01 million m³, while total diesel sales were in the order of 4.0 million m³. In addition to corresponding to the increased demand for low-sulfur derivatives, the numbers reflect efforts to expand the supply of the least polluting product, replacing S-500 diesel.

“We are expanding the production of Diesel S-10, which has ten parts per million sulfur, to the detriment of Diesel S-500. This movement is in line with our constant search for more efficient products with less environmental impact. We invest in digital transformation and innovations in our refining units to operate more competitively and deliver better quality products ”, highlights Refining and Gas Director, Anelise Lara.

The increase in the production of S-10 diesel is the result of actions to optimize the refineries' processes and work on the reliability of the refining park with a positive impact on the operational availability of the units. A practical example is the use of technologies associated with Artificial Intelligence, such as Digital Twins (digital twins), which has contributed to improve planning and decision-making in operations. Through a rigorous and integrated representation of the processes of a refinery, simulators are used to explore the ideal operating conditions that lead to maximum profitability of the assets, allowing to optimize production in real time.

The commercial and logistical actions are also contributing in an integrated way to the movements and the flow of the product in the market. In the last quarter, the company increased its S-10 diesel delivery capacity in the São Paulo and Midwest markets and carried out a pioneering operation of shipping to the Brasília base of the São Paulo - Brasília oil pipeline (OSBRA).

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