Tarim Oilfield's Annual Oil & Gas Production Exceeds 30M T

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 12/24/2020, Location: Asia

the PetroChina Tarim Oilfield in southern Xinjiang produces 6.001 million tons of petroleum liquids and 30.159 billion cubic meters of natural gas, with an oil and gas equivalent of 30.312 million tons. A 30 million tons of large oil and gas fields and 300 100 million cubic meters of atmospheric area, further consolidating Xinjiang's position as China's large-scale oil and gas production and processing reserve base and onshore oil and gas strategic channel, becoming an important strategic successor area for China's oil and gas reserves and production, and the resources for gas transmission from west to east and gas supply to southern Xinjiang The foundation is further consolidated.

Implementing the strategic decision of "stabilizing the east and developing the west" of my country's petroleum industry and finding strategic replacement areas for oil and gas resources is the constant value pursuit of the Tarim Petroleum people. Over the past 31 years, the Tarim Oilfield has fought aggressively in oil and gas exploration and development and successfully developed 32 large and medium-sized oil and gas fields. The oil and gas production reached 5 million tons in 2000, exceeded 10 million tons in 2005, exceeded 20 million tons in 2008, and reached 25 million in 2017. Ton. Accumulatively contributed more than 400 million tons of oil and gas production to the country, and supplied 268.8 billion cubic meters of gas to the west and east.

The Tarim Oilfield has innovatively explored and established a management model for oil companies with Chinese characteristics, implemented professional services, socialized support, market-based operations, and contracted management to achieve high yields from sparse wells and high efficiency with few personnel. The per capita output ranks first among onshore oilfields in my country. The output is more than 10 times the average level of our country.

In recent years, the Tarim Oilfield has been based on large basins, searching for large scenes, deepening geological understanding, and tackling key bottlenecks. It has successively obtained 24 new discoveries, including Mid-Autumn Festival 1, Bozi 9, and broke through the three "death lines" of oil and gas accumulation, engineering technology, and profitable exploration. , To find rich oil and gas resources at depths below 8,000 meters. Three strategic successor areas, including Qiulitage and Cambrian Yanxia, ??emerged. Two billion-ton concentrated production areas were born in the Bozi-Dabei and Tabei Oilfield Fuman Blocks. The comprehensive management of old oil and gas fields was carried out in full coverage, and the efficient construction of new areas was accelerated. Oil and gas exploration ushered in a new round of high growth. The net increase in oil and gas production exceeded 5.3 million tons in three years.

Since the beginning of this year, the Tarim Oilfield has insisted on early planning, early deployment, and early action, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand and oil and gas production on the other. It has gathered the wisdom and strength of Party A and Party Bs cadres and employees to unswervingly promote the construction of large oil and gas fields despite the trend. The No. 1 deep well in Asia with a depth of 8882 meters obtained industrial oil and gas flow, opening up a brand-new strategic replacement area; Well Manshen 1 obtained high-yield oil and gas flow, and discovered a new oil-rich fault with a resource of 228 million tons; scientific organization Work and production resumed, 133 new wells achieved high output, and the annual oil and gas production exceeded the planned operation, and the output reached a new high.

The ultra-deep oil and gas resources in the Tarim Basin account for more than 60% of my country's total onshore ultra-deep oil and gas resources. Facing extreme tests such as ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, and ultra-high pressure, the Tarim Oilfield has continuously deepened the innovation of geological theory, challenged the limit of ultra-deep exploration and development, innovated and formed two key oil and gas geological theories, four major exploration and development technology series, and made breakthroughs in deep ultra-deep layers. The three key technical bottlenecks of safe isolation, rapid drilling, and well integrity of complex oil and gas reservoirs have accumulated nearly 2 billion tons of proven ultra-deep oil and gas geological reserves, and built my country's largest ultra-deep oil and gas production base. Create the "three sharp swords" of seismic quality improvement, drilling speed improvement, and well completion improvement, so as to realize ultra-deep complex oil and gas reservoirs that are conceivable, visible, accessible, recoverable, and profitable. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Tarim Oilfield has drilled 223 ultra-deep wells over 7000 meters and 5 ultra-deep wells over 8000 meters, leading my country's ultra-deep oil and gas exploration and development.

In the process of building large oil and gas fields, Tarim Oilfield actively fulfills the "three major responsibilities" of central enterprises and insists on benefiting the people of all ethnic groups. A natural gas pipeline network around the Tarim Basin will be built, and 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be transported to the five prefectures of southern Xinjiang each year, benefiting 4.3 million people of all ethnic groups. The proportion of natural gas primary energy consumption structure in Kashgar is increasing at an annual rate of 3%; in 2020, the proportion of days with good ambient air quality in Korla is 75.9%, an increase of 16.2% year-on-year. Korla City, which is prospered by oil, takes the development of the energy industry as its core strategy and has been listed in the "Top 100 Chinese County Economy" for five consecutive years, realizing the transition from "booming with oil" to "booming with oil".

Standing on a new level of 30 million tons, Tarim Oilfield ushered in an important period of strategic opportunity for accelerated development. The Tarim Oilfield will continue to implement the new development concept, promote high-quality development, strengthen risk exploration in new areas and new areas, and focus on building production in oil-rich areas, and strive to achieve oil and gas production of 40 million tons by 2025 and 50 million tons by 2035.

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