Emerson’s Gas Analyzer with Digital Communication Capabilities

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 2/3/2021, Location: North America

The Rosemount continuous gas analyzer with next-generation, chemiluminescence detection (CLD) technology helps customers prove full compliance with environmental regulations

Purpose-built to detect ultra-low concentrations of NOx emissions in industrial and commercial combustion applications, the new Rosemount™ XECLD Process Gas Analyzer leverages the digital architecture of the Rosemount X-STREAM Enhanced (XE) suite of continuous gas analyzers to offer a full range of web-based communication capabilities, including secure, remote connectivity without the installation of additional software. This simplifies access to analyzer health and actionable process information to help operators comply with environmental regulations and avoid costly fines.

Designed for optimum reliability and low cost of ownership, the new Rosemount XECLD Continuous Gas Analyzer utilizes chemiluminescence measurement technology with a thermoelectrically cooled, solid-state detector assembly to ensure highly stable measurement performance and a longer operating life. In addition, the analyzer eliminates vacuum pumps often used in chemiluminescent instruments, significantly reducing a potential source of vibration, which can compromise equipment integrity and measurement reliability, or add maintenance requirements.

“With its fast response time and widest user-selectable NOx measurement ranges on the market—from 0-5 parts-per-million (ppm) up to 10,000 ppm, the new Rosemount XECLD Process Gas Analyzer is a versatile solution that delivers reliable performance not only in industrial combustion applications, but also in vehicle emissions and engine testing without pure oxygen supply requirements.” said Michael Kamphus, global product manager for Rosemount continuous gas analyzers, Emerson. “In addition, automated calibration and validation enable verification of analyzer performance for better emissions management.”

The time-proven CLD technology, which was pioneered by Emerson’s Beckman Instruments, still reigns today as the industry’s standard method for measuring concentrations of nitrogen oxides. It is the widely accepted Standard Reference Method (SRM) for NOx emissions monitoring by the U.S. EPA (Method 7E procedure) and other regulatory agencies, including the European Standard EN 14792:2017.

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