High-Quality Construction of Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding's Three Types

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The No. 2 dock of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, is the longest dedicated cruise ship dock in Asia after being adapted by the shipyard. The dock is an important resource for the construction of large cruise ships and a key link in supporting the development strategy of "cruise leading, one body and two wings". On January 29, good news came again from the company's second dock. The company's 114,000-ton Afrah crude oil tanker H1436 and JU2000E jack-up drilling platform H1349 under construction reached the large node on the same day. What's more worth mentioning is that the middle dock door of No. 2 Dock, which provides important guarantee for the simultaneous construction of two large cruise ships, also passed the docking verification that day.

Both the Aframax crude oil tanker and the JU2000E jack-up drilling platform are the leading products in the Waigaoqiao shipbuilding and civil shipbuilding and offshore industries. In this batch of No. 2 docks, the three types of products of "civil ship, marine engineering, and cruise ship" are combined and successfully realized. The goal of the node is to fully implement the company's annual management theme of "collaboration and innovation" by the three project teams of Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding. The true portrayal of fighting side by side is also a powerful practice of Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding's high-quality development strategy of "Cruise Leadership, One Body and Two Wings"!

Civilian ship: 114,000 tons of Aframax crude oil tanker H1436 is out of dock

On the morning of January 29, the 114,000-ton Aframax crude oil tanker H1436 built by the company for the Greek PTM Company ushered in undock. The company’s deputy general manager Zhang Wei, representatives of the plant-based group of PTM, the plant-based group of ABS classification society and the heads of relevant departments attended the undocking ceremony.

During the advancement of the H1436 project, all departments worked together and worked together. With the cooperation of the shipowner’s inspection, they overcome the low-temperature cold wave, continuous rain and other weather conditions. The installation accuracy and quality control of the shaft and rudder system and the paint construction brought Negative impact. At the same time, the project team and the shipowner have established an efficient interaction mechanism around personalized projects, actively communicated with them many times, and have been highly recognized by the shipowners, ensuring the orderly implementation of various tasks.

The ship adopts the whole ship in the dock and the multi-island construction model. The docking period is 81 days, which is a bit smaller than the series of first-made ships, and the undock integrity is significantly improved compared with previous ships of the same type. With the goal of "eliminating the overall polished paint of the engine room", the project team actively promoted the improvement of the structural, outfitting, and painting integrity of the general section of the engine room and the general section of the cargo hold side panel; the implementation of the shaft and rudder system sections on the dock platform and New technology for boring the main section; the completion of the bottom ballast tanks in the dock has been completed and the scaffolding removed, the inspection of the structure and tightness of some cargo oil tanks has been completed, the inspection of the cargo oil and ballast pipe structure and tightness in the tank has been completed, and the superstructure The structure is completed.

Offshore engineering: JU2000E jack-up drilling platform H1349 undocked

In the morning of the same day, the JU2000E jack-up drilling platform H1349 built by the company was released from the dock after completing the weighing test in the second dock. The company's deputy general managers Zhang Wei and Zhang Qipeng, Chen Wenli, general manager of the Asset Management Department of China National Offshore & Offshore Asset Management Co., Ltd., representatives of the ABS Classification Society's plant group and relevant department heads attended the undocking ceremony.

The undocked integrity of the H1349 platform has been greatly improved compared to the series of platforms. It is the first Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding to conduct an in-dock weighing test, and after being undocked, it is directly towed to the JU2000E jack-up type at the Waigaoqiao Offshore Port Terminal drilling platform.

In order to ensure the platform to complete the in-dock weighing test and undock tasks in an orderly manner, the project team carefully planned and cooperated closely, and continuously improved various preparations around the necessary weighing conditions, undocked towing elements and integrity goals, and completed ahead of schedule Debugging of necessary systems such as lifting locking system, anchoring, crane crane, valve control, etc. At the same time, the project team has continuously improved the granularity of management in the process of project advancement, strengthened the management and control of mechanical completion inspection points, sorted and followed up the material logistics situation, refined the construction volume and cycle, optimized the overall management of human resources, and also realized the realization of various nodes. Provides a strong guarantee.

It is reported that the H1349 project has repeatedly achieved a new breakthrough in the history of the company’s jack-up drilling platform during the construction process: comprehensively organize the advancement of procedures and optimize the expansion of the main group, and increase the integrity of the total section to 95%; in the total section stage Realize the main engine hoisting and emergency generator platform motor car, shorten the construction period in the dock by 33 days, and continue to write the record of the construction of the Waigaoqiao shipbuilding and offshore platform: 31 days to complete the main deck, 57 days to complete the living building, 88 days to complete the derrick Equipped, 111 days to complete the main engine and load test, 145 days to complete the commissioning of the lifting system, the mechanical completion report rate exceeded 50%, and the system commissioning completion rate exceeded 30%.

The H1349 project has completed about 90% of the construction tasks in the No. 2 Dock. After the platform is towed to the Lingang Wharf, it will mainly conduct open sea trials.

Large cruise ship: the middle dock door of No. 2 dock passed verification

The design and modeling, material procurement, facilities, and production and construction of the first large-scale cruise ship H1508 are progressing in the whole line of Waigaoqiao shipbuilding, and breakthroughs have been made continuously. The H1509 project of the second large cruise ship also started in an orderly manner.

The No. 2 dock after extension and transformation is the key coordinate to consolidate the main position of the Waigaoqiao shipbuilding large-scale cruise project in the high-quality development strategy, and it is also the dream incubator to promote the realization of "building the Chinese own large-scale cruise ship". At present, 26 total sections and subsections of the H1508 ship, outfitting of diesel engines and main generators, and two single-line bulk carriers have been completed in the second dock. Today, the intermediate dock door, which provides an important guarantee for the simultaneous construction of two large cruise ships, also passed the verification in the dock.

The installation of the intermediate dock door involves 5 dock door panels. A single door panel weighs 121 tons, is 15 meters long and 14 meters high. After installation, it will span the bottom of the dock. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the intermediate dock door, the relevant departments of the company conducted many studies and discussions on the maintenance of the dock door before installation, the selection of the dock door panel and the optimization of the installation process, and planned the project promotion plan of the intermediate dock door. The original drainage system at the bottom of the dock was optimized, 4 emergency pumps were added, and detailed emergency safeguard measures were formulated.

In order to achieve the scheduled completion of this batch of un-docking production nodes, the company’s production management department, various product projects and related production departments constituted the shipyard general team to carry the planning working group and the dock status improvement working group to study the comprehensive utilization of production site resources and the optimization of the site. Optimal use plan, etc. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety and foolproof operation of the docking node, the company attaches great importance to it. The general manager Chen Gang personally takes the command, and the leader in charge is the commander in charge. The docking coordination meeting has been held to analyze and demonstrate on-site risks and prevention and control methods. The company’s leaders have led many times to the dock to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection of the undocked state, understand the undocked integrity of civil marine and offshore products, the safety state of the intermediate dock door, the 5S and fixed management of the dock area, etc., and promptly investigate potential safety hazards , To fully build a safety line of defense for the smooth docking.

On the night before the docking, after the final confirmation of the working environment in the dock, the dock began four phased water release operations. During the process, each working group kept track, and all undocking tasks were successfully realized according to the original plan. Civilian ship and offshore projects were completely undocked. The cruise project verified the reasonable effectiveness of the intermediate dock door, which provided the company's "cruise leadership and integration". The high-quality development of "Two Wings" contributed to the cohesiveness of the elements and enhanced the development driving force for the domestic large-scale cruise projects.

The mission calls for responsibility, and struggle to achieve brilliance. Under the unified leadership of China State Shipbuilding Corporation and guided by the high-quality development strategy, the first domestically produced large-scale cruise ship project has been steadily progressed in Waigaoqiao shipbuilding, and it has been transferred to the docking group and interior installation stage; civil ship brand product benchmarking The market has achieved transformation and iteration, and the industry's leading position has been further consolidated; the offshore industry is in line with the world's advanced design, and strives to cultivate high-quality products.

Adhering to the courage to dare to find a new chapter, the courage to overcome difficulties, and the morale to overcome obstacles, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilders presented high-quality development answers to the "13th Five-Year Plan" with excellent results.

Today, large-scale cruise ships, civil ships and offshore engineering are built in the same dock, once again witnessing the forge ahead of Waigaoqiao shipbuilders in the "14th Five-Year Plan", and a new journey of high-quality development for Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding , To build a "China's leading, world-class" intelligent ship assembly enterprise with strong international influence played the clarion call for progress!

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