ENKS Chairman Files in Support of Large National Projects

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 3/5/2021, Location: Asia

Enerkon Solar International announces that Chairman Files with USG FARA Office as Lobby in Support of Large National Projects between ENKS, its companies and the Government of Ukraine.

ENKS Chairman, Benjamin Ballout, stated: "We are pleased to announce that we have signed our MOU with the Government of Ukraine Partners, via our new holding company the AMERICAN UKRAINE Green Energy and Telecommunications Holdings Inc., supporting transactions previously mentioned in the news and in compliance with Federal Regulations associated with representation or Lobby for Foreign Government or officials, we have filed as Official Lobby with the United States Government Department of Justice FARA Department in support of our joint cooperation with the Government of the Ukraine and Others in relation to the large projects recently reported in the news."

"Supported by our signed MOU - we are awarded, the ChNPP Solar Powered, Steam Boiler Turbine, CO-Generation facility which will produce up to 3 Gigawatts when completed and in addition, we are awarded the Hydrogen Electrophoresis Plant to produce industrial volume tonnage of Green Hydrogen for sale to the EU Market for which we already have Off take Purchase Guarantees from Germany and as to our award in the Telecommunications sphere, we have been awarded the National 5G network whereby our partner, is the state owned "UkrDorSvyaz" - The Ukrainian Road Telecommunication Systems Company - for which ENKS will invite Major EPC Partners in to complete the Network, in cooperation with the Government of Ukraine and our financial partners.

"ENKS via Diplomatic Trade Ltd. (another of our companies) shall be organizing meetings for the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleg Urusky with SpaceX in relation to the Telecommunications segment of his trip to the United States on March 15-30th whereby he will discuss the signing of cooperation already ongoing with Spacex and his (Ukraine) design bureau, as to their small Communications Satellite already built and ready to launch."

The meetings will be related to Ukraine Government signing a final contract with Spacex related to this matter which supports the 5G national network.

"In relation to the terrestrial segment of the project, ENKS via Diplomatic Trade, (for which I am also Chairman) shall organize meetings with companies such as Cisco Systems, Nokia, Erickson, and others as potential EPC partners with our AMERICAN UKRAINE Energy and Telecom Holding Company and in the Hydrogen Production Technology space, we shall contact several companies in support our Hydrogen Production Plant award in the Special Exclusion zone (ChNPP) in Ukraine as well."

"The American Ukraine Green Energy and Telecom Holdings LLC SPV is the controlling legal entity of our ENKS projects in UKRAINE and our partner in this new company (registered in Wyoming) is the Director of the JSC Ukrainian Capital Bank Mr. Ryazantsev Anatoly CEO Kiev, Ukraine and Mr. Michael Vishmidt our Balkans Expert and Joint Venture Partner in the projects implementation as mentioned earlier and our now signed MOU gives us great optimism and motivation towards the final EPC contract Agreements and engagements"

"ENKS are also today, in final talks to purchase Coviklear Intl Holdings Ltd. (UK) who owns the distribution rights to a new COVID-19 Test Device produced by Graphene Leaders Canada and KrowdX which is a rapid (15 seconds) Test Device Produced by Graphene Leaders Canada.

"ENKS since last year diversified into new technology acquisitions as a holding and investment company and since then we have acquired several important Trademarks and Patents related to the Pharmaceutical and Renewable Energy Markets as well as Law Enforcement technologies and others and the envisioned acquisition of Coviklear this next week will be another great addition to our growing ENKS Family of companies and diversified activities."

"We have already identified a number of potential purchasers of this new device currently under approval application with the HC, FDA and WHO authorities via Graphene Leaders Canada and are optimistic that this will become a new and additional source of revenue to add to our already significant revenue and net profitability."

Mr. Ballout also stated that ENKS will work with the GULF MENA International Hydrogen Association who is in cooperation with the intergovernmental organization the AREC (Arab Renewable Energy Commission headed Mr. Secretary General Mohammed Thanni and its Chairman who is the current Minister of Energy and environment Morocco - to support our new work in the Green Hydrogen Industry and our global transition promotion efforts raising awareness globally as to Hydrogen being the new LNG and a replacement for LNG over the next period Globally.

Mr. Ballout continues, "Due to the Market Conditions, we will accelerate our Up-List Plans to NASDAQ and our Required 2 years Audit in compliance therewith as soon as we are able early this year and once listed on NASDAQ, we believe that the market will reflect a more realistic value for ENKS."

"ENKS plans other positive reorganization steps in the near future, which shall include the sale of some performing assets owned by the company to foreign investors and other acquisitions and reorganization activities within the company, for further consolidation of value, as a benefit to our loyal shareholders".

"Loyal ENKS Shareholders are the 'ENKS ARMY', and we will always support their best interests."

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