Transneft Commissions Revamped Section of Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk Oil Pipeline

Source: 3/19/2021, Location: Asia

Transneft Volga Region has commissioned a revamped section of the Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk oil trunk pipeline (OTP) in Samara and Saratov Regions.

The works were launched in 2019 as part of the technical upgrading and revamping programme of the company’s operating facilities. The goal was to increase reliability of the OTP’s operation and ensure industrial and environmental safety.

The construction works were carried out with the participation of Transneft PCD, the technical customer. A section with a length of 51.4 km was replaced. At the revamped section of the line, a pipe with a diameter of 1,000 mm was laid into a ready-made trench of the Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP’s existing communication corridor. As part of the project, 3,626 m of the OTP’s underwater crossings via the Maly Irgiz and the Krasnaya Rivers, roads crossings and utility crossings were revamped.

Specialists installed 6 stop valve units and pipeline clean-up and inspection tools traps (PITs). Electrochemical protection of the pipeline was provided; 472 m of overhead cable tray and 8 integrated transformer substations were installed. 9 protective pits were constructed, protective shafts and ditches with a total length of 8.2 km were built. 1.35 km of 6 kV of electric power lines were revamped.

The OTP’s section was replaced in strict accordance with the requirements of industrial safety, industrial control and environmental legislation of the Russian Federation. Upon completion of the construction and installation, tests of the new section for strength and tightness, which confirmed the absence of deviations, were conducted. The condition of the revamped section’s insulation coating was checked with cathodic polarisation.

The previously operating pipeline will be dismantled and transferred for disposal. After dismantling, it is planned to perform technical and biological reclamation.

The revamped section of the Kuybyshev – Tikhoretsk OTP was commissioned in accordance with the schedule and is functioning under the normal protocol.

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