Petrobras Breaks Record Sales of Diesel S-10 for the Third Consecutive Month

Source: 6/9/2021, Location: South America

This is yet another effect of the company's effort to offer high value-added derivatives and improve the energy efficiency of its operations

Petrobras continues to expand its offer of diesel with low sulfur content and less impact on the environment. In addition to offering the market a high-added value derivative, increasing product availability is one of the company's initiatives to improve energy efficiency. In May, for the third consecutive month, the company surpassed the S-10 diesel sales record, reaching the mark of 450,000 bpd, which represents an increase of 3% compared to the previous record of 437 thousand bpd, registered in April of 2021.

Total diesel sales also continue to increase. In May, fuel sales reached 812,000 bpd, representing a growth of 17.1% compared to sales in the same month in 2020. Compared to May 2019, without the impacts on demand arising from the pandemic, there was growth of 12.7%.

As in recent months, the increase in supply also reflects the company's actions to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on fuel demand.

Greater offer and better quality

The production of the S-10 currently represents 50% of Petrobras' total diesel production and the forecast is that it will reach almost 100% by 2025, with the modernization of the refining park. The company is betting on the use of technologies to make production more sustainable and cost-competitive. The expectation is to increase the production of diesel S-10 by up to 16,500 m/day with the implementation of additional projects that will increase the quality of the diesel produced, promoting a reduction in the sulfur content (from 500 ppm to just 10 ppm), aiming at meet local and international market specifications, as well as environmental requirements.

Diesel S-10 enables vehicles to use more modern technologies and promotes improved fuel performance in engines, with positive impacts in reducing particulate matter emissions by up to 80% and nitrogen oxides by up to 98%. In addition to the difference in sulfur content, S-10 diesel has a higher cetane level, an index that measures ignition quality.

In addition to S-10 diesel, Petrobras also invests in more modern and sustainable producers such as Renewable Diesel, Aviation Biokerosene and advanced lubricants.

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