CAUSEWAYGT Launches New Geothermal Energy Company

Source: 6/28/2021, Location: Europe

A new geothermal renewable energy company, CAUSEWAYGT, has been established by Irish energy industry veterans with over 100 years of combined global energy experience.

Geothermal energy is the largest source of clean energy on the earth. It comes from the heat generated naturally in the earth beneath our feet. It is always available, has zero greenhouse gas emissions, and has a very low surface land footprint when compared to other sources of renewable energy.

CAUSEWAYGT is a renewable energy company on a mission to harness critical, clean geothermal energy, in Ireland, and everywhere. We do this by developing cutting-edge technology, working in balance with nature to provide locally sourced, clean, reliable heat on demand for industrial and commercial customers. We will be working relentlessly to secure a sustainable future for our customers, Ireland and the world.

Industry and commercial use of heat for medium temperature processes (below 200 °C) produces over 10% of global greenhouse gases today, and the vast majority of this energy is delivered by burning fossil fuels. Our objective is to harness geothermal energy to supply that heat for business and other customers, increasing their energy independence, reducing their carbon footprint and doing so at a very competitive price point.

CAUSEWAYGT was formed in Ireland and the UK with the goal of combining technologies from multiple industries to deliver clean geothermal heat for more sustainable business globally. The highly advanced technologies and innovations we will harness makes it possible for us to tap into the natural heat source beneath the ground in Ireland in a more efficient and effective way than has been possible in the past.

Niall McCormack, CAUSEWAYGT’S CEO, said “We are really excited about the opportunity to provide locally sourced, clean, always-on heat for industrial and commercial customers from sustainable geothermal energy, helping Ireland and the world achieve our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. We believe that geothermal is the sustainable energy technology of the future, and we are delighted to be involved in accelerating its widespread adoption”.

Information on CAUSEWAYGT

CAUSEWAYGT has been established to harness the power of geothermal energy to meet the demand for sustainably-sourced industrial heat in Ireland, the UK and internationally. The company will be deploying the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge innovation in the conversion process. The founders – Niall McCormack, Simon Todd and Brian O’Cathain – have extensive executive backgrounds in the energy sector including corporate, operations, commercial, and innovation. CAUSEWAYGT is incorporated in Ireland and the UK.

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