NOV Launches New At-Bit Sensor to Enhance Application-Specific Bit Designs

Source: 6/24/2021, Location: North America

With deployment in operations around the world, the BitIQ sensor’s analysis capabilities will benefit from access to the large volume of drilling data.

The ReedHycalog name is synonymous with high-performance and efficiency. Having built a solid presence in the drill bit market, the ReedHycalog team continues to release innovative technologies that push the limits of design and performance.

The BitIQ™ bit sensor is the latest addition to the ReedHycalog fixed cutter portfolio. The tool delivers at-bit vibration statistical data that enables more effective drill bit design iterations, targeted cutter improvements, and application appropriate bit selection. The BitIQ™ sensor measures, records, and consolidates statistical summaries of at-bit vibrations (axial, lateral, and tangential), downhole temperature, and gyro RPM. The easy-to-use BitIQ sensor offers simple installation and operation, with no additional personnel required at the rigsite.

After a bit run, the recorded data is downloaded via a custom mobile application and uploaded to a cloud-based system for processing. The data is processed with proprietary algorithms, and a statistical vibrations summary report is produced within minutes of data capture, providing crucial insights into at-bit dynamic events. The BitIQ report provides the informed correlation between bit dull and at-bit vibrations, enabling data driven drill bit design decisions that help you further improve drilling efficiency through drilling parameter optimization and the implementation of best practices.

As the BitIQ sensor is implemented in more wellbores, the cumulative access to reliable data will support concurrent drill bit designs and the efficient development of future drill bit solutions.

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