Beijing Gas Group to Carry Out Gas Safety Inspections

Source: 6/21/2021, Location: Asia

The deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of the group company Zhi Xiaoye and his party went to a commercial complex in the fifth branch of the company to carry out a special inspection of gas safety.

Xiaoye Zhi and his entourage focused on inspecting gas inlets, pipelines, meter rooms, alarms, alarm control boxes, gas valves, stoves, fire extinguishers and other parts, and conducted detailed inspections of gas operation and equipment usage.

Zhi Xiaoye affirmed the branch's work in gas safety management and other aspects. He pointed out that it is necessary to implement safety responsibilities at various levels and carry out in-depth investigations of gas safety risks. It is necessary to improve the political position, strengthen the sense of responsibility and risk, and effectively transmit the pressure in place. Focus on key security areas, old communities, catering complexes, etc., increase the intensity and frequency of hidden danger investigations, and improve the effectiveness of safety supervision and inspection. Strengthen the management of equipment and facilities through intelligent means, so that gas equipment and facilities are always in a controllable and manageable state. Further strengthen indoor safety inspections, promote the entry of gas safety stewards into the community as soon as possible, strengthen the role of gas safety stewards in community connection, rectification of hidden dangers, and promotion of safe gas use, and enhance users' awareness of safe gas use. Continue to improve the overall quality of employees, strengthen the education and supervision of gas laws and regulations and related systems and procedures, and focus on practical skills and drills, and effectively improve the ability of employees to work, especially emergency response capabilities, and build a team that speaks rules, understands business, and knows how to deal with A team of skilled talents. It is necessary to tightly tie the "string" of safe production, effectively strengthen safety management, and do a good job in guaranteeing capital gas safety services.

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