Ukraine to Insist on Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Source: 7/23/2021, Location: Asia

Ukraine will insist that sanctions be imposed on the operator of the Nord Stream 2 project, announced Naftogaz CEO Yuriy Vitrenko in Washington DC.

“We have carefully read the joint announcement by the US administration and the German government. As we see it, the problems and challenges facing Ukraine today, primarily those related to security, remain unresolved. This is why we continue to emphasize that as long as Russian President Vladimir Putin uses gas as a geopolitical weapon, American sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG and other key stakeholders in this project must continue,” Vitrenko stated.

The threats created by the launch of Nord Stream 2 will be discussed during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the US, which is scheduled for late August, Vitrenko confirmed.

“The visit of President Zelenskyy to the US will take place on 30 August. We hope and expect that this meeting will bring positive results. The Ukrainian President will have a wonderful opportunity to explain the threat potential of Nord Stream 2 to his American counterpart,” the Naftogaz CEO commented.

Vitrenko underlined that a number of tools may still be used to stop Nord Stream 2.

“In order for the gas pipeline to begin operating, the operator must secure all necessary certifications in compliance with European standards. With this secured, European companies can book capacities from that operator and gain access to the gas transmitted through the pipeline. So if the gas pipeline operator is sanctioned, and here I stress once again that Nord Stream 2 AG is fully owned by Gazprom, which is why it is only logical to apply sanctions to this operator serving as a geopolitical weapon in Russia’s hands, European companies will not be able to book this pipeline’s capacities and will not access its gas,” said Vitrenko.

The Naftogaz CEO emphasized that his recent talks in Washington DC indicate significant bipartisan support for Ukraine’s position among American senators and congressmen. “They share our concerns with regard to this project as it represents a major threat to Ukraine’s security. They share our concerns with regard to this project as it brings corruption to Europe and divides Europe. This constitutes a threat to the entire world order. Members of the US Senate and Congress from both parties have voiced their commitment to supporting Ukraine in our fight against Nord Stream 2. For this reason, we regard this visit as a success,” noted Vitrenko.

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