The First Phase of the Zhenhai Base Project Is Fully Completed

Source: 7/16/2021, Location: Asia

Under the same banner, the Sinopec Corps fought, and more than 26,000 construction workers and owners united their minds, wisely, and vigorously. Party B is one side, corner A and corner B are the protagonists, and the first line and the second line are both front lines.

The construction of large petrochemical projects mostly adopts the EPC (design, procurement, construction) general contracting mode, in which design is the leader. The 1.2 million tons/year ethylene plant of the Zhenhai Base Phase I project is currently the largest single-line newly-built ethylene plant independently developed in China, and it is the first self-developed ethylene sequential separation process in China. New processes and new technologies have brought challenges to the project design.

To this end, relevant units strengthen the quality management of the design process, formulate clear and unified technical standards and regulations in the project definition and basic design stages, strictly implement them, and continuously revise and improve them. The EPC general contractors of SEI, Luoyang Engineering, Ningbo Engineering, Nanjing Engineering, Shanghai Engineering and other projects will give full play to their respective advantages and break down and refine the plan. SEI is fighting forward, adopting new technology and new technology to complete the detailed design task in only 12 months, setting a record for the shortest time record for the detailed design of an ethylene plant of the same scale and technology. Luoyang Engineering draws on advanced experience, strengthens process optimization in combination with the actual situation, does a good job of layout, and completes the project design with quality and quantity... The overall project design progress is better than expected, which will grab valuable time for the follow-up construction of the Zhenhai Base project.

The construction of the project is accelerated, and the material guarantee is the first. The remaining construction period of one and a half years has been shortened to one year, which means that the supply of materials must also be advanced. However, many supply contracts have set delivery dates, so early delivery is not easy. The Material and Equipment Department of the headquarters will coordinate and command, take advantage of Sinopec's integration of upper and lower levels and efficient coordination, establish a regular docking mechanism for headquarters monthly coordination and Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Week docking, and relevant responsible persons establish work groups for timely coordination, rapid decision-making, and problem-solving.

"We have completed the 7 approvals within 3 hours that normally take 3 days. One time at 3 am, an urgent document needed approval, and the relevant person in charge answered my phone in seconds, which touched me a lot." Zhenhai Refining Chemical Materials Lou Kuifeng, deputy manager of the purchasing center, said.

Since July 2020, relevant units have convened 9 times of supplier guarantee mobilization meetings for static equipment, dynamic equipment, valves and other manufacturers. 185 suppliers were present to sign a letter of responsibility to ensure that the materials of the Zhenhai Base project arrived as planned. At the same time, they upgraded the management and control of key materials, deeply intervened in the supplier’s production process, dispatched 5 design research teams, 22 material expediting teams, stationed in major design institutes and suppliers to expedite drawings, and efficiently solved the problems encountered. problem. At the same time, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical also set up 146 common material procurement frameworks for construction units in advance, and established a "supermarket" of engineering materials. All construction units can place orders online for payment, effectively improving the efficiency of material procurement.

"In the past, materials were used for construction, but now the materials are on site before construction, and we work more vigorously." Li Yinzhong, the project leader of Shijian Company, is a post-80s generation who has participated in several large projects.

Large corps operations need to command thousands of troops, and the efficient coordination and integration of various resources is critical. The engineering department of the headquarters organizes matchmaking meetings every month to coordinate design, procurement, construction, inspection and other resources, determine phased goals, list operations, and make every effort to advance.

Entering the peak period of construction, cross-operations increase, and ensuring the safe and smooth progress of project construction has become the key. For this reason, each unit conducts construction during the day during the civil construction phase and repairs roads at night. During the installation phase, it solves on-site problems during the day and coordinates the next work at night.

At 8 o'clock in the evening on June 18, the 9 meeting rooms of the Phase I Project Department of Zhenhai Base were fully occupied. The Power Center Project Coordination Meeting and the Atmospheric and Vacuum Project Decisive 6·30 Research Meeting were held here. There are disputes from time to time in the conference room, but everyone has a common goal: to ensure progress, quality, and safety.

At the same time, the Zhenhai base project also organized the "100-day sprint to win the 6.30 meritorious service contest", and the group company's labor union committee was listed to supervise the battle. "All the personnel of Sinopec's participating units participated, and they compared safety, quality and progress, and set off a construction climax in all directions." said Hu Xun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and chairman of the labor union of Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Corporation.

Throughout the construction process, all units do not distinguish between you and me, thinking in one heart, working hard to promote the project construction. The Fourth Construction Company took the initiative to coordinate the delivery of new scaffolding from Iran and Malaysia projects to Ningbo; the Ten Construction Company took the initiative to increase the investment in construction equipment and machinery to increase the proportion of mechanized construction; the Nanjing Project invested 20 million yuan to build process heat pipe network scaffolding to ensure safety; Zhenhai Refining & Chemical has carried out in-depth practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses" and "I solve problems for projects" activities, and strengthened the application of information technology, so that more data will run away and employees will run less errands.

The miracle is done. Practice has proven and will continue to prove that Sinopec will overcome difficulties and break the waves in the journey of building the world's leading clean energy chemical company!

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