NOV Announces New Coiled Tubing Length and Weight Record

Source: 7/12/2021, Location: North America

As the coiled tubing industry drives innovation and pushes limits, a new set of challenges arise. Each challenge requires next-level solutions for reaching total depth. These could include larger, more optimized coiled tubing units, stronger injectors, more advanced modeling and monitoring software, automation, and even enhanced string technologies.

Over the last decade, horizontal laterals have nearly tripled. 27,000 ft total depth wells with 15,000 to 17,000-ft laterals are now becoming more commonplace in some US shale basins, and E&P companies continue to push these limitations every day.

NOV recently partnered with Coil Tubing Partners to combat these challenges by commissioning the longest and heaviest 2.625-in. outer diameter (OD) coiled tubing string ever recorded. This ATP-120 grade string is over 30,000 ft of continuous length, weighs over 170,000 lb, and is now the longest 2.625-in. string in North America.

It required precise planning and strategic collaboration between our teams at Quality Tubing and Coil Tubing Partners to design, engineer, and manufacture this record-breaking string, which will be utilized in the Permian Basin to reach these super laterals and complete the most challenging highprofile wells the US shale plays have to offer.

By using our field-proven ATP coiled tubing, customers are catching more jobs and experiencing longer life from their strings due to a uniform, thermally processed microstructure throughout the entire length of the pipe. This attribute is instrumental in producing a high-strength product with more consistent and improved field performance. Partnering with our customers, NOV rises above the next level of challenges to continually break through old industry standards.

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