Oriental Geophysical Prospecting Integrated Operation for CBM

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 7/28/2021, Location: Asia

the Coalbed Methane Research Center of the Geological Research Center of the Eastern Geophysical Prospecting Research Institute is closely following the CBM company's coalbed methane, tight gas, and shale gas "three gases simultaneously "Development strategy, set up a front-end technical support research team composed of 13 technical backbones, and integrated office with CBM company technicians, aiming at the complex lithology, thin reservoirs, and strong heterogeneity of the Paleozoic in the eastern margin of Hubei. In the face of geological problems, we will continue to increase the strength of geophysical exploration technology, strengthen the integration of seismic and geological engineering technical services, and form a series of unconventional oil and gas exploration and development technologies in the eastern margin of the Ordos Basin, which provides technical support for CBM companies to increase reserves and production.

Relying on strategic cooperation projects, the CBM Research Center implements the CBM company’s exploration and development ideas of “stabilizing the eastern margin of Hubei, building the bottom line of clean coalbed methane, strengthening the lifeline of tight gas, and strengthening the shale gas supply line”. The integration of both parties, the integration of acquisition, processing and interpretation, the integration of front and back, and the integration of seismic and geological engineering, give full play to the advantages of integrated technical services, and form micro-scale structure description technology, ancient landform carving technology, and complex lithological thin storage A series of innovative technologies, such as formation prediction technology, carbonate fractured reservoir prediction, and point-by-point guidance of geological small-scale seismic horizontal wells in general directions, have been successively applied in the shale gas field, tight gas field, and Ordovician carbonate A number of research results have been achieved in the field of rock risk; new results have been achieved in the exploration and development of the Daning-Jixian block tight gas, Hancheng block gas, Shiloubeixia paleocarbonate gas and other blocks. The company provides a full range of technical support in terms of exploration and development deployment, production capacity construction and other aspects.

The integration of tight gas exploration and development has achieved remarkable results, and multi-layer three-dimensional exploration has continued to advance. Aiming at the tight gas three-dimensional covering an area of ??570 square kilometers, the CBM Research Center strengthened its integrated operation. According to the special surface geological conditions of the operation area, it organized collection, processing, and interpretation professional and technical personnel to jointly demonstrate the collection parameters; in the process of processing and interpretation Focus on quality control and geological evaluation. Based on the new three-dimensional data, explored and summarized a set of research ideas and supporting technologies suitable for thin coal-measure reservoirs, focusing on strengthening the fine structure interpretation and reservoir prediction driven by geological understanding, establishing new depositional models, and improving the reservoir. The prediction accuracy provides an important basis for well location deployment.

Important progress has been made in deep coalbed methane exploration. The Daning-Jixian block is rich in medium and deep coalbed methane resources, which is a major breakthrough point for coalbed methane exploration to enter the medium and deep layers. The CBM Research Center uses seismic information as the leading factor to predict coal body structure, and forms a complete set of technical specifications and research procedures through technical research, which provides key technical support for the search and evaluation of "sweet spots" and exploration and evaluation of deep CBM.

The CBM Research Center not only makes important contributions to the two main fields of CBM and tight gas, but also expands the replacement field of reserve resources by relying on technological innovation. In the field of Carboniferous-Permian marine-terrestrial transitional facies shale gas, through technical research to provide geological and engineering "sweets", evaluation and implementation of pilot experimental areas, and speed up the process of large-scale shale gas horizontal well development; through exploration and deepening of the Lower Paleozoic Understanding the geological conditions and accumulation rules of carbonate gas reservoirs, dividing multiple favorable zones and targets, and risk exploration is expected to obtain new discoveries.

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