Teekay Harnesses Tech to Enhance Engie Optimization & Emmission Monitoring

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 8/17/2021, Location: Asia

Since 2020, Teekay Tankers has used ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT for Fleet to deliver comprehensive insights into fuel consumption and emissions monitoring fleet wide.

Since 2015, Teekay Tankers have used the Tekomar platform to provide performance management and engine diagnostics on the Main and Auxiliary engines on board. As of 2020, we have upped our game to employ Tekomar XPERT for Fleet to establish fleet-wide benchmarking and diagnostics while integrating them into our systems-driven Vessel Balanced Scorecard.

The digital platform empowers Teekay Tankers vessels with key engine indicators provided via intuitive dashboards, allowing us to monitor, optimize and benchmark engine performance while giving early warning if any parameter deviates from normalcy. By integrating this new digital tool with our Vessel Balanced Scorecard, engine performance and emissions data from Tekomar XPERT for Fleet becomes an integrated part of the established reporting rhythms and key performance indicators we use on a day-to-day basis.

“By proactive diagnostics and maintaining optimum engine performance across the fleet Tekomar XPERT not only enhances reliability and voyage performances but also assists meeting our emission targets. We thank ABB for developing such a pragmatic and user-friendly solution,” anoharan Jeganathan, Vessel Manager, Teekay

These features not only help us operate our ships with enhanced safety and reliability, but also contribute towards Teekay’s ESG Objectives by further reducing fleet-wide carbon emissions.

“Tekomar not only largely reduces the workload of the staff but also provides accurate & meaningful outputs. Its auto diagnostic feature assists in taking immediate corrective actions to consistently maintain engine output to the optimum. It is good to see that we have left Engine Indicators and Planimeters behind that rarely gave meaningful engine behaviours in the past.’’ Soumendu DasRoy, Technical Director

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