McPhy will Equip the R-Hynoca Project with Large Capacity Hydrogen Station

Source: 9/7/2021, Location: Europe

• McPhy is involved in the innovative R-Hynoca project, led by R-ENR, a subsidiary of the Strasbourg-based energy company R-GDS1 and Haffner Energy2
• Partner of the project for the mobility part, McPhy will equip the R-Hynoca production site with a dual pressure station and a refueling interface for pressurized hydrogen cylinders ("tube trailers")
• With this new reference, McPhy stands out among the leaders in hydrogen mobility

McPhy, specialized in zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment (electrolyzers and refueling stations), today announces that it has been selected by R-Hynoca, to set up the first hydrogen station in Strasbourg. The equipment supply includes a 350-750 bar dual pressure refueling station with a distribution capacity of 700 kg per day, and a refueling point for pressurized hydrogen cylinders ("tube trailers").

Luc Poyer, Chairman and acting CEO of McPhy, stated: "We are very pleased with McPhy's participation in this innovative project located in the heart of the Strasbourg metropolis at the crossroads of Europe. The R-Hynoca project, with its decentralized approach, illustrates the complementarity of the different green hydrogen production and distribution methods based on the diversity of the territories, to which McPhy's diversified offer perfectly responds.”

R-Hynoca is an innovative project which aims to produce green, carbon-neutral hydrogen from local biomass. The hydrogen production is ensured by the Hynoca® process developed by Haffner Energy. This hydrogen will be recovered as a fuel for low-carbon mobility and as a resource for industry. McPhy, partner of the project for the mobility part, will provide a dual pressure station (350-750 bar) equipped with two terminals to refuel all types of hydrogen mobility:

• A “Dual Pressure” station for light vehicles at 700 bar and 350 bar;
• A “Hi-Flow” station for buses and trucks.

This large capacity station will deliver 700 kg of green hydrogen per day, allowing the daily refuel of the equivalent of a fleet of 30 buses, or 70 light commercial vehicles, or 150 light vehicles.

McPhy will also equip the site with a refueling point for pressurized hydrogen cylinders (“tube trailers”) that will be carried to be used in mobility or industrial applications elsewhere than at the point of hydrogen production. The commissioning of the station and the refueling interface is scheduled for the end of 2022.

This innovative system architecture offers great flexibility by facilitating hydrogen refueling for all types of mobility, whether at the production site or remotely. Its modular design will enable the distribution capacity to be increased at the same rate as the applications will be deployed on the territory.

The R-Hynoca project ( is financed by the FCH-JU public-private partnership3 under the H2ME2 program and the grant agreement n°700339. This joint venture is supported by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, as well as Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Research.

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