The Chairman of the Board Meets with the General Manager of Schlumberger Libya

Source: 9/14/2021, Location: Africa

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mr. Mustafa Sanalla, held a meeting with the General Manager of Schlumberger Libya, Mr. Mustafa Ajaj, at NOC's headquarters in Tripoli.

The meeting was devoted to discussing several common topics, the most important of which is the financial situation of Schlumberger and the possibility of repaying debts owed by the National Oil Corporation.

For his part, Chairman Mustafa Sanalla confirmed that NOC and Schlumberger are partners in the production process, which would not be achieved without their partnership, and that NOC commends Schlumberger's appreciation of the unusual circumstances that NOC is going through and its waiting to pay its debts.

Mr. Mustafa Sanalla explained that NOC had received a promise from the Prime Minister to liquidate the allocated budgets, stressing that once the required budgets are received, the debts will be paid immediately as they are recovered and not bad debts.

In turn, the General Manager of Schlumberger Libya, Mr. Mustafa Ajaj, praised the integrity of the National Oil Corporation, stressing that the Company will not breach its promises. He noted that Schlumberger is also committed to all its promises regarding sustainable development projects, and it delivered an ambulance to the municipality of Murada and another to the municipality of Brega last Thursday.

Mr. Mustafa Ajaj added that Schlumberger Company would open next week a huge laboratory at the Bright Star University in the municipality of Brega. He mentioned the company's work in the universities of Tripoli and Benghazi, stressing the continuation of its work in the future in the oases and the southern regions as it is a patriotic duty and a right to the incubators of the company's operations.

In conclusion, Mr. Mustafa Sanalla appreciated the work of Schlumberger and its efforts in the framework of sustainable development to raise the educational level at the Bright Star University and its previous work.

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