PCT LTD & Nano Gas Announce New Technology Set to Change Oil & Gas Industry

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 11/16/2021, Location: North America

PCT LTD (PCTL). PCT Ltd. and Nano Gas™ Technologies are pleased to announce a joint patent-pending technology that has been designed to provide an eco-friendly solution for the oil and gas industry. Testing has been ongoing for many months using PCT Ltd.’s Catholyte only with excellent results reported by an international independent lab located in Houston, Texas. The water to oil ratio (WOR) started out as 99/1 before Catholyte was pumped into the wells. Testing was done using various parameters which increased the WOR to 60/40 on some of the wells. Nano Gas™ nanobubbles were added, and a 20% increase was seen at WOR 48/52. Ongoing testing continues, and PCTL/NANO GAS™ feels another 20% may be attainable.

PCTL/NANO GAS’™ new product line is called Nanolyte. The fluids come in two versions: Nano-Catholyte™ and Nano-Hydrolyte™.

Nano-Hydrolyte™, a biocide, and Nano-Catholyte™, a nanobubble infused alkaline oil, recover fluid with both surface chemistry and wedge effect mechanism for improved oil recover. Both are 100% eco-friendly, green solutions for the oil industry including EOR, fracturing and downhole bacteria control including H2S remediation.

Nano-Catholyte™ is a combination of Catholyte-free produced by PCTL which reduces the surface tension in the treatment fluid and interfacial tension with the oil within the formation. This coupled with the mechanical effects of the nanobubble (diffusion, wedge effect and fragmentation of oil to reduce viscosity) allowing for the release of oil in the formation as well as penetration throughout the micro sized natural fractures through the formation thus separating the oil from the water and allowing it to flow from the formation to the wellbore where it can be produced, processed and ultimately sold. Nano-Catholyte™ makes oil recovery more efficient and subsequently more profitable for operators with no toxic effects to the environment.

Another adaptation will be developing Nano-Hydrolyte™ which is a combination of Hydrolyte produced by PCTL, an eco-friendly hospital biocide that kills 99.999% of pathogens, and Nano Gas™ bubbles which penetrate the smallest fractions and permeability in the formation. Nano-Hydrolyte™ makes for a potent biocide for downhole bacteria control, H2S (sour wells) remediation and disinfection of hydraulic fracturing water facilities.

Maverick Energy Services in Oklahoma has used energy-intensive, steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) to extract heavy oil from their wells in Grassy Creek, MO. Grassy Creek has eleven million barrels of oil in tertiary reserves. When oil prices went down, producing oil with steam was too expensive. Now, Maverick is beginning enhanced oil recovery (EOR) by using Nano-Catholyte™ at a fraction of the cost. Doug Humphreys said: “I’ve never seen oil cuts like this from the Grassy Creek oil field.” Doug also stated with Nano-Catholyte™ Maverick can attain a substantial savings per barrel of produced oil. Maverick is now expanding field testing to his light oil wells in Holdenville, OK and looks forward to adding Nano-Catholyte™ to their service offerings to clients.

SAGD is a popular enhanced oil recovery method in Canada and for all heavy oil. Canada has been struggling with more than one trillion liters of the toxic wastewater tailings ponds resulting from SAGD and other heavy oil recovery processes. Dr. David Holcomb of Pentagon Technical Services Inc., who holds six oil and gas patents and has led research and development efforts for several large oilfield service and chemical corporations, said: “Nano-Hydrolyte™ could change enhanced oil recovery around the world and eliminate toxic oil sands tailings. Because Nano-Hydrolyte™ is 100% eco-green downhole bacteria control, H2S remediation and toxic wastewater disinfection can be accomplished in an environmentally safe way.” Nano-Hydrolyte™ is 100% eco-green and is effective on several types of downhole corrosion causing bacteria mitigation such as sulfate reducing, which allows effective H2S remediation. As a result, toxic wastewater disinfection can be accomplished in an environmentally safe way.

PCTL and Nano Gas™ have partnered to provide a mobile process to enhance oil recovery through Maverick Energy Services to improve oil industry sustainability. Len Bland, CEO of Nano Gas™ Technologies, said: “We’re excited to partner with PCTL and Maverick Energy Services to provide the worldwide oil industry with environmentally effective Nano-Catholyte™ and Nano-Hydrolyte™.

Gary Grieco, President/CEO of PCTL, stated, “By incorporating Nano Gas technology, we found a process that greatly enhanced our already successful specialty product Catholyte. Once we received third-party verification of the unique properties of our fluids, we began field testing. The results have been so positive that we filed a patent-pending with the U.S. Patent Office.”

“We are about to embark upon final field tests,” continues Grieco, “which should be completed by the middle of December. Once completed, we will begin Beta testing with a number of oil production companies that have already expressed their desire to use the process on some of their production.”

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