Streamline Expands into Saudi Arabia, Partners with Zamil Group Trade & Services

Source: 1/12/2022, Location: Middle East

- Streamline and Zamil Group Trade & Services have joined forces to provide cutting-edge H2S treatment solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream energy applications throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
- The partnership strategically positions Streamline to support the largest oil and gas operations in the world with a proven technology that improves ESG performance
- This is the second partnership focused on the Middle East market Streamline has announced in the past three months

Streamline Innovations, Inc. (Streamline) and Zamil Group Trade & Services (Zamil), a trading company and supplier to the energy industry, are pleased to announce a partnership to market and deploy Streamline’s environmentally forward treatment solutions for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Under the terms of the Agreement, Zamil is serving as Streamline’s agent in the KSA.

This business initiative comes at a time when the collective Middle East energy industry is moving toward more sustainable operations aimed at improving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance. Saudi Arabia recently announced its intent to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060 by implementing a diverse set of initiatives in the Kingdom aimed at protecting the environment and addressing climate change. More specifically, Saudi Aramco, the world's largest energy company, previously committed to the World Bank Initiative “Zero Routine Flaring by 2030.”

Crude oil and natural gas production streams are often contaminated with H2S, which represents a serious hazard to human health and is highly corrosive to infrastructure. This “sour” gas is routinely flared to destroy the H2S, but flaring results in the generation of sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, which contributes to environmental hazards, including acid rain and respiratory ailments in humans.

To utilize sour oil and gas for beneficial uses, such as power generation, it must be treated to remove the H2S. Conventional treatment methods are typically expensive, generate negative downstream effects and do not permanently prevent the H2S from reconstituting itself. Streamline and Zamil are partnering to provide vital H2S treating services throughout the KSA with the Valkyrie™ and Talon® solutions, which safely break down H2S at the molecular level into elemental sulfur.

The partnership will focus on initiatives and other opportunities designed to reduce or eliminate H2S and SO2 emissions while creating sustainable, usable energy in the form of clean natural gas or electricity and facilitate capture and use of related carbon dioxide (CO2) streams. Streamline’s biodegradable chemistry and cutting-edge technology delivers the next-generation Redox process, converting toxic gas into elemental sulfur that can be utilized for organic food production, while providing the lowest overall lifecycle cost.

“Partnering with Zamil is an important part of our international growth plan to bring our environmentally forward solutions to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, one of the world’s most important energy producing regions,” said David Sisk, CEO of Streamline Innovations. “As momentum grows to achieve net-zero emissions and mitigate climate change, Streamline’s solutions are poised to play a significant role in achieving environmental performance objectives. Zamil is an established, well-respected company with a long track record of successfully introducing new technology to Saudi Arabia and beyond. This is the second partnership in the Middle East we have announced in the past three months, which is a testament to the growing momentum in the demand for our innovative, technology-based solutions that simultaneously add economic value while improving environmental performance.”

“The establishment of this relationship with Streamline Innovations comes at an important time for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Khalid Al Zamil, Chairman. “The KSA has made meaningful commitments to achieve net-zero emissions and improve sustainability. We believe novel and effective technologies, like those offered by Streamline, offer the best alternatives for achieving the Kingdom’s environmental goals in the shortest amount of time. Streamline’s solutions strengthen our portfolio of technology and services to help the KSA maintain its role as the world's key supplier of responsibly sourced energy.”

Streamline brings its environmentally forward technology and technical expertise to the partnership, while Zamil provides access and entry to the Saudi Arabian market, local expertise, infrastructure and established customer relationships, including Saudi Aramco.

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