NPD Provides Guidelines for Interpreted Data

Source: 4/25/2022, Location: Europe

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has now prepared guidelines that clarify the term 'interpreted data'. The guidelines contain a definition of the term and describe what 'interpreted data' shall mean.

The term 'interpreted data' is not defined in the regulations. This is clarified in the guidelines through the following definition:

"Interpreted data shall mean products that are the result of a discretionary professional assessment, and which are of sufficient quality to form a basis for decisions in the production licence. Processed geophysical data, measured well data or depictions thereof are not considered to be interpreted data."

Important clarification
"It's been important to clarify the term 'interpreted data' and establish a precise definition. This helps ensure that data can be reported in an efficient and correct manner, and not least that more data can be available earlier," says Arne Jacobsen, the NPD's Assistant Director for Technology, Analysis and Coexistence.

These guidelines (see below) were developed by the NPD, on assignment from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) and in collaboration with the licensees on the Norwegian shelf.

"Over the past year, we've been in close dialogue with the industry in the form of work meetings, input and consultations. The NPD is pleased that we've achieved good cooperation," Jacobsen adds.

The duration of the confidentiality obligation is crucial
The licensees have a duty to report a wide range of data to the authorities pursuant to the petroleum regulations and the regulations relating to storage of CO2. Whether these reported data are interpreted or not interpreted, is crucial for the duration of the confidentiality obligation.

As regards interpreted data, the confidentiality obligation lasts 20 years, while for non-interpreted data, the obligation lasts for 2, 5 or 10 years, depending on certain conditions, counting from when the data became available to the data owner.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has also submitted a recommendation to the MPE for a shortened confidentiality obligation for interpreted data.

Effect on reporting
The definition will have an impact on other guidelines; reporting well data (Blue Book) and reporting geophysical data (Yellow Book). The definition will apply both for data submitted to the authorities in the future and for the data already submitted. The NPD has initiated a process to review previously reported data.

As a result of the clarification and specified definition of the term, around 30 data types subject to mandatory reporting from the Blue Book will be reclassified from interpreted to non-interpreted data. The NPD will immediately update Table A1 from the Blue Book and future versions.

Applies both for data from petroleum and CO2 storage
This definition applies for petroleum-related data reported pursuant to the Petroleum Regulations and the Resource Management Regulations. It also applies for data associated with storage and transport of CO2 that is reported pursuant to the Regulations relating to storage and transport of CO2 on the shelf and the Regulations relating to documentation in connection with storing CO2 on the shelf.

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