Aqueos Corporation Engages in Advanced Offshore Medical Training

Source: 5/20/2022, Location: North America

Aqueos Corporation reinforced its commitment to safety recently with training sessions taught by Richard Meister, Owner and CEO of Prime Time Training. Aqueos now has nearly 30 Emergency Medication Technician (EMT)/Diving Medical Technician Certification Training (DMT)-certified personnel who completed the classes just this first quarter.

Both medical offshore training sessions were based upon basic and advanced national DOT standards. EMT trainees engaged in medical offshore training that that goes beyond the land-based Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) program, preparing offshore providers who rarely work in teams and are isolated from definitive medical facilities to answer the call to safety while at sea.

Qualified divers who have completed an EMT course were able to complete their DMT Basic certification through the National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology. This program stresses the need for each DMT to be prepared to diagnose and treat diving-related illness under the direction of a diving medicine physician.

In total, the course consists of 288 hours of hands-on academics and simulation training designed to reinforce Aqueos’ commitment to safety.

Aqueos is uncompromising regarding our dedication to the safety and health of our people and the environment. All Aqueos employees are responsible for ensuring that operational discipline is sustained, and a safety positive culture is nourished during field activities. Although management develops, models, and demonstrates dedication to behavior-based accident prevention objectives, employees are empowered and encouraged to have ownership in the process.

The commitment to safety excellence starts at the very top of the Aqueos organization and is realized at the deck level by personnel who truly believe all accidents are preventable. All personnel support an “Environment of Active Caring” by watching out for themselves, colleagues, and other people in our work environment.

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