Daqing Petrochemical's Refined Oil to Sell to the International High-End Market

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 6/2/2022, Location: Asia

the Fuze Anna tanker, which was loaded with 35,000 tons of No. 92 motor gasoline from Daqing Petrochemical Company, slowly sailed out of Dalian New Port and headed to Singapore. Li Yuchun, senior director of product price management at the Planning Department of Daqing Petrochemical, introduced: "Since 2020, we have exported a total of 524,500 tons of gasoline, which has opened up the market and provided a guarantee for the smooth future of products."

Daqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is firmly positioned in the market strategy, guided by benefits, and based on the current production and operation conditions, it pays close attention to both the international and domestic markets. Quality and efficiency "upgraded version".

The 35,000 tons of gasoline exported this time is the first batch of "takeaway" orders for refined oil products of Daqing Petrochemical this year. In the first two years, Daqing Petrochemical's No. 92 gasoline exports accounted for 14.7% and 12.4% of the company's total refined oil products, effectively expanding sales channels.

In 2020, Daqing Petrochemical's refining structure adjustment and transformation project started production. With the support of huge scale and advanced technology, Daqing Petrochemical optimizes production operations and strictly controls product quality. At the same time, more than 20 indicators including octane number and sulfur content were tested and analyzed for gasoline exported for vehicles to ensure that the gasoline is both resistant to burning and environmentally friendly.

In the export of refined oil products, Daqing Petrochemical Company has received strong support from its brother units. Under the overall arrangement of the group company, China United Petroleum Corporation leverages its advantages in international trade, predicts the trend of the refined oil market, and uses the global marketing network to dynamically adjust the export plan in a timely manner to improve the benefits of offshore exports. Wang Gefeng, manager of the refined oil department of Daqing PetroChina International Co., Ltd., said: "In order to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, we strive to provide high-quality and efficient services for refineries within our jurisdiction, and use 'two resources and two markets' to open up avenues for enterprises to bring more Products are sold to high-end international markets.

In order to ensure the smooth export of refined oil this time, the planning department and production operation department of Daqing Petrochemical Company coordinated with all relevant units, and completed the processing of product classification appraisal report and the revision of MSDS in the shortest time. According to the plan, the refinery carefully organizes the blending of oil products, carefully calculates the blending ratio, rationally uses other component oils and additives, and formulates the most economical blending formula to reduce the volume content of the MTBE component oil to less than 9%, which is far better than the national standard.

At the moment of the epidemic, the transportation capacity is tight. The sales, storage and transportation center actively coordinates the Harbin Railway Bureau, Daqing Railway Depot and other departments, and reasonably adjusts the car request plan according to the product reconciliation and delivery situation, so as to ensure that all links of production, reconciliation and transportation achieve "zero waiting", improve factory efficiency, reduce transportation cost. On May 16, all 35,000 tons of gasoline exported for No. 92 vehicles left the factory.

The export of refined oil has eased the competitive pressure of Daqing Petrochemical Company in the domestic refined oil market. This not only changed the previous traditional sales model, but also helped Daqing Petrochemical to expand overseas markets, enhance the flexibility of the flow of refined oil resources, and open up a new path for the company to improve quality and efficiency.

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