Hexagon Digital Wave’s Proprietary Modal Acoustic Emission Technology Approved for Use

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 6/24/2022, Location: North America

Hexagon Digital Wave, a business of Hexagon Composites, has received an equivalency certificate from Transport Canada (TC) authorizing the use of its Modal Acoustic Emission (MAE) technology in continued service life requalification of cylinders used in firefighting applications. This equivalency certificate represents entry into Canada, a new market for Hexagon Digital Wave.

With an initial service life of 15 years, for cylinders to remain in service for a maximum service life of 30 years, the cylinders need to be requalified once every 5 years using the Modal Acoustic Emission requalification process.

Modal Acoustic Emission provides first responders with the confidence in knowing their cylinders have been requalified with the safest TC and DOT (Department of Transport in the US) approved technology. By continuing the service life of cylinders, Fire Departments can refocus their time, energy, and budgets on other key functions of firefighting that need continual attention,” says Melissa Holler, President, Hexagon Digital Wave. “Continued service life requalification of the cylinders is the first advancement in technology brought to the North American Fire Service that doesn’t come with a significant cost attached.“

Joint research project
The certification is the direct result of a joint research project between Transport Canada and Hexagon Digital Wave that took place in 2020 to evaluate end of life performance and requalification methods for TC-3CCM cylinder used in Fire Fighting applications. Cylinders approaching 15 years of service life were collected from Canadian Fire departments to be part of the study to evaluate end of life burst strength, ambient cycle life, notch tolerance, impact tolerance, environmental exposure, and improvement of liner fatigue life. Furthermore, the study evaluated the efficacy of the 3 potential requalification methods (Hydrostatic testing, Modal Acoustic Emission, and feature based Acoustic Emission) for TC-3CCM cylinders.

The study concluded that all cylinders tested at or approaching the end of their service life possessed:
• residual burst strength greater than that required at time of manufacture
• residual cycle life compared to an additional 15 years of service
• acceptable notch and impact tolerance
• residual cycle life with respect to extreme temperature environmental cycling.

The study found Modal Acoustic Emission to be the most effective method relative to identifying structurally compromised cylinders. With the issuance of this TC-SU 13583 certification, Transport Canada becomes the second regulatory agency authority with high pressure compressed gas cylinder oversight to acknowledge and approve the benefits and safety provided by Modal Acoustic Emission.

Driving energy transformation
By continuing the service life of cylinders, raw material and energy consumption is reduced and landfill waste eliminated, truly achieving Hexagon’s vision of Clean Air Everywhere. To date, Modal Acoustic Emission has helped avoid 235 metric tons of landfill waste globally.

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