Request for Proposals: Green Hydrogen Feasibility Study in Niger

Source: 6/27/2022, Location: Africa

EEC is seeking a qualified independent partner experienced in planning and conducting technical and economic feasibility studies to assess the feasibility of green hydrogen production in Niger

Emerging energy corporation (EEC) ( is a German investment firm dedicated to creating growth in the African energy sector and related infrastructure with an interest in green hydrogen projects. The energy transition – which represents the efforts undertaken and results achieved on renewable energy expansion and energy efficiency – will be the basis for a clean, secure and affordable energy supply, which is essential for our lives and economic growth. To become GHG-neutral and meet international obligations under the Paris Agreement, green hydrogen needs to be established as a decarbonisation option and the demand for hydrogen will increase worldwide. The large amounts of hydrogen that will be needed for the energy transition can be produced in Africa, making green hydrogen an exciting and promising prospect for the future of the African and global economy.

Project Overview:
EEC recently signed an agreement with the Republic of Niger to develop commercial Green Hydrogen. The project aims to develop green hydrogen generation facilities and transport infrastructure for integrated use in industrial application and experimental development to establish Niger as a leading green hydrogen production zone. EEC is seeking a qualified independent partner experienced in planning and conducting technical and economic feasibility studies to assess the feasibility of green hydrogen production in Niger, as well as the potential market for green hydrogen products for industrial use and export.

Objectives :

Stage 1:
- Analysis of technical, commercial and strategic viability of hydrogen production in the Republic of Niger;
- Identification, assessment, and recommendation of locations based on feasibility of hydrogen production, future demand, and levelized cost of hydrogen;
- Development of a sound knowledge base that will allow EEC to progress its role in a long-term hydrogen strategy and export industry.

Stage 2:
- A technical, commercial, financial and macroeconomic analysis of a pilot project outlining scenarios and options for undertaking the project;
- Develop criteria and timeline for future project selection and deployment.

The partner will need to supply evidence of ability and experience to undertake the specified objectives/duties in this Request for Proposal, and explain their approach to the Services including:

- Evidence of breadth and depth of knowledge of renewable energy production, transport, distribution, and utilization infrastructure;
- Demonstrated experience and expertise in undertaking similar consultancy services in energy infrastructure.
- Evidence of the capacity to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget.

Proposal Format:

Proposals shall include the following:
- Letter of Introduction including executive summary that demonstrates an understanding of the project
- Proposed work plan, schedule, and deliverables including project activities and milestones
- Description of any expected challenges
- Detailed budget breakdown including hourly/daily rate(s) of consultant
- Background and related experience of consultant(s)
- Three (3) client references and/or past project reports

Email: Please send your proposal and requirements with the subject line ‘RFP Feasibility Study’ to

Deadline: 30 July 2022

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