DrivenIQ Launches Identity Graph with 4B Customer Records Improving the Way Brands Advertise

Source: 6/28/2022, Location: North America

Capstone Technologies Group Inc, a company that acquires, operates, and organically develops disruptive technologies, announced that its subsidiary DrivenIQ has launched the DrivenIQ Identity Graph. Identity Graph organizes, connects and analyzes online and offline data for more than 4 billion customer records identifying 230 million U.S. households. With this technology, brands now have the most robust, 360-degree real-time audience view to more effectively and efficiently engage with InReach™ consumers.

The DrivenIQ Identity Graph is built with deterministic models to create a unique identifier for each customer. This means knowing who, what, how, where and why consumers purchase a particular product or service, whether they’re offline/in-store or journeying to an online purchase across multiple devices, browsers and applications.

“Identity Graph gives businesses a totally unique and unparalleled way to solve marketing challenges to better engage with their audience,” said Albert Thompson, founder and CEO of DrivenIQ. “Brands can now target InReach consumers, or those who are below the ready-to-buy funnel and above the ready-to-reveal stage. Engaging with this modern swath of consumers who have emerged post-COVID presents marketers with unique and exciting opportunities to drive sales and improve the customer path to purchase.”

Thompson says ID Graph works in tandem with DrivenIQ’s website audience identifier ‘tag technology’ called VisitIQ™. Both solutions are overlaid with more than 500 different data points, including demographic, psychographic, ethnicity, affluence and contextual buying behaviors to identify offline and online buyers, including those who have visited your website. DrivenIQ also offers geo-location Pii technology that enables out-of-home, real-audience identification capabilities. This allows brands to target consumers by offline geographic location, as well as full conversion sales attribution and ROI.

DrivenIQ’s ID Resolution Graph empowers marketers to:
• Understand the identifiers and signals that correlate with individual customers
• Connect online and offline 1st-party data with third-party insights to truly know their audiences
• Engage new and existing audiences, segment audiences, or reach past visitors to their websites
• Gain a consistent and persistent 360-view of customers across channels and devices
• Build flexible data models
• Drive deeper customer engagement

The end results are the ability for businesses to 1) reach their ideal customers more efficiently 2) hyper-target their messaging to drive conversions and 3) create the most personalized and simplified customer experiences possible.

“We launched Identity Graph to become the first data as a service provider to fuel real-time audience capture and to offer businesses and marketers true, people-based marketing solutions,” said Thompson.

DrivenIQ is a data-driven intelligence technology firm. Late last year, Capstone Technologies Group, Inc (OTC: CATG), a company that acquires, operates and organically develops disruptive technologies, acquired an initial minority interest in DrivenIQ and has invested additional capital to further accelerate the company’s growth.

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