INPEX & Sakata NG Sign Agreement on Carbon Neutralization of Liquefied Natural Gas

Source: 7/15/2022, Location: Asia

INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX) and Sakata Natural Gas Co., Ltd. (Sakata Natural Gas) jointly announced they entered into an agreement on the carbon neutralization of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Through this agreement, Sakata Natural Gas will purchase carbon neutral LNG from INPEX and convert the LNG utilized by its head office and facilities to carbon neutral LNG.

Given the accelerating regional efforts aimed at decarbonization, Sakata Natural Gas will leverage this shift to carbon neutral gas consumption to continue actively promoting various initiatives to help develop a sustainable society and fulfill its social responsibility as an energy supplier.

INPEX will provide a stable supply of diverse and clean energy through making its oil and natural gas business cleaner as outlined in its “Long-term Strategy and Medium-Term Management Plan (INPEX Vision @2022 | INPEX CORPORATION)” formulated in February 2022. In this plan, INPEX lays out its long-term strategy towards 2030 and 2050 as well as the company’s medium-term business plan, which consists of specific goals and initiatives covering the three-year period from 2022 until 2024, reflecting changes in INPEX’s management environment. The company will work closely with city gas business operators to which it supplies wholesale natural gas and implement measures contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases on a global scale alongside its customers by responding to their needs through providing solutions such as carbon neutral gas and other forms of clean energy.

About carbon neutral LNG
The neutrality of the LNG is based on carbon credits certified by a credible certifier as deriving from CO2 reduction efforts at global forest conservation projects, etc. based around the world where greenhouse gas emissions have been offset throughout the entire value chain process from development to combustion.

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