Alvopetro Announces Record Funds Flow from Operations for the 2nd Quarter of 2022

Source: 8/11/2022, Location: South America

Alvopetro Energy Ltd. announces operating and financial results for the second quarter of 2022 including record funds flow from operations of $12.4 million. We will host a live webcast to discuss Q2 2022 results on Friday August 12, 2022 beginning at 8:00 am Mountain time.

All references herein to $ refer to United States dollars, unless otherwise stated and all tabular amounts are in thousands of United States dollars, except as otherwise noted.

Financial and Operating Highlights Second Quarter of 2022
- Daily sales averaged 2,359 boepd in Q2 2022, consistent with the Q2 2021 average of 2,361 boepd and a 6% reduction from the Q1 2022 average of 2,501 boepd as a result of a planned five-day shut-down of our gas processing facility to complete necessary work in advance of the facility expansion.
- On February 1, 2022, our contracted natural gas price under our long-term gas sales agreement increased 48% to Brazilian real ("BRL")1.94/m3. With all natural gas sales in Q2 2022 at this higher price and an appreciation of the BRL relative to the USD compared to Q2 2021, our average realized natural gas price increased to $11.90/Mcf compared to the Q2 2021 average price of $6.06/Mcf and the Q1 2022 average price of $10.03/Mcf. Higher commodity prices resulted in a 93% increase in our natural gas, condensate and oil revenue compared to Q2 2021.
- With higher realized sales prices, our operating netback increased to $63.96 per boe in Q2 2022, an improvement of 103% from Q2 2021 and 19% from Q1 2022.
- We generated cash flows from operating activities of $13.0 million ($0.38 per basic share and $0.35 per diluted share) and funds flows from operations of $12.4 million ($0.37 per basic share and $0.34 per diluted share), increases of $7.3 million and $7.0 million, respectively compared to Q2 2021.
- We reported net income of $6.6 million, an increase of $2.8 million compared to Q2 2021.
- Capital expenditures totaled $6.3 million, focused on drilling costs for our 182-C1 and 183-B1 wells, long lead purchases, final costs for our Murucututu field production facility installation on other development costs on our Murucututu project.
- We repaid an additional $2.5 million of our credit facility, bringing the balance outstanding to $2.5 million. As at June 30, 2022, we had a net working capital surplus of $11.6 million, including $13.7 million in cash and cash equivalents. The Company's working capital net of our credit facility balance improved to $9.1 million, compared to $7.3 million as of March 31, 2022.
Effective August 1, 2022 our natural gas price has been set at BRL1.94/m3 or $11.28/Mcf (based on our average heat content to date of 107% and the July 31, 2022 BRL/USD foreign exchange rate of 5.19). The adjusted price is based on the ceiling price in the contract, which was adjusted to $10.22/MMBtu effective August 1, 2022. While the ceiling price increased by 6% from the February 1, 2022 ceiling price, due to the appreciation of the BRL relative to the USD in the first half of 2022 compared to the latter half of 2021, the BRL denominated contractual price remained consistent. This price will be effective for all natural gas sales from August 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

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