Iraq Plans to Expand SRC Refining Capacity

Source: 11/4/2022, Location: Middle East

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister of Oil confirmed the ministry keenness to raise the rates of refining capacity of the South Refineries Company to (350,000 barrels) per day. This came within the framework of the ministry interest in the refining sector, which is no less important than other oil sectors, because of its importance in the lives of citizens, and an Important element in providing their main need through the production and refining of petroleum products and securing local consumption, in order to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency.

The Minister of Oil, Hayyan Abdul Ghanni said during H.E visit to the South Refineries Company and meeting with the Director General and a number of officials and employees of the company that the southern refineries are today one of the largest Iraqi refineries in terms of production and the great work they are doing to meet the needs of citizens and consumers of oil products, despite the challenges and the economic and health crises that the country faced during the past period, but the workers in the southern refineries were at the level of responsibility through their distinguished efforts to continue work and production.

Abdul-Ghani noted that the ministry supports the development of southern refineries by paying attention for the projects that increase production and improve its quality in accordance with international standards and specifications.

The Minister of Oil added that the refinery is witnessing today the implementation of the FCC project, in cooperation with a Japanese company, with a production capacity of 55 thousand barrels per day, and it is one of the latest facilities that convert waste and black oil into white products through a modern technology called FCC catalytic refining, and it is one of the large and promising projects to the refinery sector in Iraq, stressing that the quality of production in this project will be in accordance with the European specifications (Euro 5) that are environment friendly.

The Minister mentioned that the company is implementing a promising training program and plan, in conjunction with the implementation of the FCC project, through the establishment of the largest training center to receive and qualify the people of Basra and other governorates to train and provide them with practical and technical experiences, and thus this project provides job opportunities for them in the project.

H.E instructed to overcome all obstacles and problems facing the implementation of projects and to proceed with the implementing the plans of the company on the specified and scheduled dates.

On the sidelines of the visit, the Minister met with the Japanese delegation that was visiting the company, which includes a representative of the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the Japanese company JICA, in addition to the Japanese ambassador in Baghdad. The Minister undetlined H.E appreciation for Japan, saying (we have historical relations with them , and we seek to open new horizons for joint cooperation in the oil and energy sector).

The Minister praised the efforts of the company employees, asking them to make more efforts to develop work and increase production in support of the national economy.

For his part, Director General of the South Refineries Company, Hussam Walli, reviewed the company production capacities, development projects in production units, and completion rates in the FCC project and other projects, stressing that the company and its staff are working with exceptional efforts to meet the country needs of oil production and increase production rates to match the ambitions if development through implementing vital and important projects, including the project of adding a production unit with a capacity of (70,000 barrels per day) and the project of refining and cracking with catalytic factor (FCC) with a capacity of (55 thousand barrels per day), as well as the development of Missan and Dhi Qar refineries.

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