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The United Kingdom is one of the most mature markets for offshore wind globally and the country's high ambitions provide great opportunities for the Norwegian offshore wind suppliers. In this Global Growth programme we will provide the skills, competence and networks needed to secure contracts in the UK market.

The UK is one of the world's most exciting offshore wind markets, with an installed capacity of 13 gigawatts (GW) spread across 44 wind farms, and an ambition to secure 50 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, of which 5 GW will be using floating technology.

Together with Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) we are a partner in Innovation Norway´s export program Global Growth for the UK offshore wind market. In direct alignment with the Norwegian ambition to deliver 10 percent of the global offshore wind needs by 2030, we will gather a select group of ambitious companies that have strategic export goals to seize the current opportunities in the UK market. By leveraging the whole of Team Norway’s network and capacity, this programme will give a selected group of Norwegian companies access to unique arenas for meetings with key UK stakeholders

Great possibilities

England & Wales
Offshore wind has been the biggest winner in the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme with the government securing another 7GW from offshore wind capacity across 5 projects (out of a total of 11GW of clean energy capacity) in the fourth and most recent Allocation Round which for the first time also included floating offshore wind (32MW); the fifth CfD Allocation Round will open in March 2023. New development opportunity for offshore wind capacity will be auctioned in 2023 in The Crown Estate’s Celtic Sea lease auction – an estimated 4GW of floating wind.

- The offshore wind sector has matured rapidly over the past few years in the waters around the UK. With many projects in the pipeline the UK market is one of the most attractive destinations for Norwegian offshore wind companies, says Astrid Green, Business Development Manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind.?

In Scotland, the 2022 ScotWind leasing round awarded over 27GW across 20 projects, with a strong focus on floating with 14 of them (17.8GW, 65% of awarded capacity) supporting floating technology; providing an opportunity to create a floating wind supply chain. Crown Estate Scotland is expected to progress plans for a ScotWind 2 leasing round. The Innovation and Targeted Oil and Gas (INTOG) leasing round provides a mechanism through which developers can apply for rights to build offshore wind farms to subsequently power oil and gas installations and help decarbonise the sector; the application window has now closed with the outcome due to be announced in the first half of 2023.

?What you get
The goal of the programme aims to bring Norwegian expertise into the UK offshore wind industry, where there is a need for new solutions and innovative ideas - and therefore help your company to increase exports by making you better equipped to:
• understand opportunities and challenges in the market
• build required competence to work effectively in the UK offshore wind industry
• secure key drivers for competitiveness in the UK market

Through participation in the Global Growth UK programme, you will receive help to map potential customers, partners and stakeholders. Based on the participating companies' focus and needs, you will be introduced to stakeholder organisations in the UK offshore wind market, including industrial clusters, regional and regulatory authorities, offshore wind farm developers, financial institutions, and other potential customers. The programme will also include pitch coaching sessions, consulting services and regular Teams Meetings with market updates.

?Who should sign up
Companies with relevant products and services for the UK offshore wind market, which have:
• a high level of ambition
• an export strategy rooted in the board
• sufficient financial capacity
• resources and ability to scale up

The programme will cover opportunities in both bottom fixed and floating wind projects. To enable technology focused dialogues with potential customers and other stakeholders, you should apply to this programme if your solution applies to one or more of the following segments:
• Early stage project development and management (development and consenting services, environmental surveys, resource and metocean assessment, geological and hydrographical surveys, FEED, engineering and digital planning consultancy)
• Balance of plant (cables, turbine foundation, offshore substation, onshore substation)
• Installation and commissioning (foundation installation, offshore substation installation, onshore substation construction, onshore export cable installation, offshore cable installation, turbine installation, construction port, offshore logistics)

Application deadline: 31 January 2023?
Start-up: March/April 2023

Six gatherings
Based on identified needs in the UK offshore wind market, the programme consists of preparatory courses in Norway and gatherings in the UK where we plan for meetings with key players in the UK offshore wind industry.

1. Kick-off workshop in Norway: Get to know each other, definition of focus area and themes, needs and expectations.?Introduction to the UK offshore wind market – tenders, actors, needs and learnings – and UK business culture.?Pitch coaching sessions.
2. Preparation gathering (online): preparation for the first market visit.
3. First market visit: workshops and B2B meetings with developers, EPC, authorities, local clusters and supply chain.
4. Gathering in Norway: Debrief and how to follow-up after first market visit, and preparation for second market visit.
5. Second market visit: workshops and B2B meetings with developers, EPC, authorities, local clusters and supply chain.
6. Final gathering in Norway: follow-up after second market visit and debrief about the programme and way forward.

The market visits will take place in relevant cities or areas for the UK offshore wind industry but be aware that the customer group or customer representatives to meet will be decided based on the participating companies' solutions and needs.

The programme will be designed in collaboration between the steering group (Innovation Norway, NOW, NORWEP) and the participating companies based on the companies’ profile and needs. We will further limit the programme to a specific market segment based on registered interest.

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