Veolia Water & OLI Systems to Accelerate Digital Transformation for Oil & Gas Industry

Source: 1/25/2023, Location: North America

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions announced a collaboration with OLI Systems, a leader in water chemistry-based process simulation and electrolyte thermodynamics, to optimize operating performance in the refining and petrochemical industries through the use of OLI's innovative cloud platform that delivers actionable insights to operations teams.

OLI's deep understanding of electrolyte-intensive applications in refining, like crude distillation units, FCC, Hydroprocessing, Sour Water Stripping, and HF Alkylation, is informed by a comprehensive chemistry property database, rigorous thermodynamic models, and an expert team of water chemistry professionals, including scientists and engineers. With the new collaboration, OLI will work with Veolia to bring these leading capabilities to Veolia field engineers and experts in refining and petrochemicals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical treatment programs by successfully addressing process diagnostics and asset integrity concerns.

"Veolia has a broad portfolio of solutions for the refining industry, and this collaboration with OLI will allow us to provide our customers with a consultative offering to provide enhanced diagnostics, system optimization, and alternative treatments. OLI's rigorous and accurate electrolyte chemistry insights nicely complement our expertise in end-to-end management of chemical treatment programs to offer customers a highly reliable solution that will accelerate their business outcomes and realize a rapid return on investment," states Martin Willis, Global Executive Energy & Chemicals, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions.

Veolia's field engineers with continuous access to chemical corrosion insights during operation from OLI Cloud Apps can analyze asset performance more effectively, diagnose root causes rapidly, proactively manage asset integrity, and minimize unplanned downtime.

"OLI Systems is building strategic global relationships to accelerate industrial digital transformation. The democratization of OLI capabilities with anytime, anywhere access to water chemistry-based process insights dramatically increases the productivity of field engineers across the globe," says Vineeth Ram, Chief Revenue Officer, OLI Systems. "Together with Veolia, we are enabling improved efficiency of refinery and petrochemical operations, while mitigating risk of downtime by optimizing chemical treatment programs and, lowering operations costs."

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