Aggreko Launches Industry’s Largest Heat Exchanger

Source: 4/19/2023, Location: North America

Aggreko announced the launch of two new rental heat exchanger fleets, the Large Node Heat Exchanger and the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger. The readily available equipment provides customers in petrochemical and refinery operations with the industry’s largest heat exchanger, as well as the only exchanger made from Hastelloy. Both products are designed to ensure seamless operations for petrochemical plants, refineries, and complex chemical contexts by maintaining customer production rates and enhancing the equipment processes.

The Large Node Heat Exchanger is, at 5,700 square feet, the largest on the market and enables petrochemical and refinery customers to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing several smaller heat exchangers with a single Large Node Heat Exchanger. This makes them ideal for plants and refineries where space is at a premium, while their ready deployment means Aggreko can quickly install the exchangers with limited production disruption.

Made from a unique corrosion-resistant nickel alloy, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is designed for particular applications in petrochemical plants, refineries, and complex chemical contexts. Unlike other heat exchangers on the market, this material allows for higher resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and gasses. The composition of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger enables it to meet unique PCR applications beyond the capabilities of typical exchangers. With the launch of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger, Aggreko is the only solutions provider to offer a heat exchanger with this metallurgical composition for PCR customers.

“We’re excited to position ourselves as the only temperature control provider that offers a Hastelloy heat exchanger, along with the industry’s largest exchanger,” says Yvonne McAnally, Product Leader at Aggreko North America. “We’ve long been known as a reliable provider of high-quality heat exchangers that ensure petrochemical and refining facilities can maintain production during maintenance periods and emergency repairs – and we’re pleased to now offer those same services for even more unique applications.”

The launch of these two exchanger fleets is the latest step in Aggreko’s ongoing mission to provide temporary solutions to customers that rely on mobile power solutions without compromising reliability or negatively impacting budgets.

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