Meyers Manx and P1 Fuels Revolutionize Off-Road Racing with Sustainable Fuel at NORRA 1000

Source: 5/3/2023, Location: North America

Meyers Manx, a leading manufacturer of dune buggies and off-road vehicles, made history at the NORRA 1000 this week by powering its remastered buggy with P1 racing fuel. The collaboration with P1, the global leader in fossil-free fuels, marks a significant step towards sustainable mobility and performance in vintage engines and legacy motors.

As the automotive industry increasingly focuses on renewable fuels, carbon-neutral vehicles, and sustainable mobility, P1 is at the forefront, helping manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals. By leveraging advanced science and technology, P1 creates cleaner and more energy-dense fuels that offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional fossil fuels for the 1.6 billion road cars with internal combustion engines.

Meyers Manx joins a roster of leading automotive OEMs and engine developers partnering with P1 Fuels as they work towards a future of efficiency and sustainability. The company is also partnering with Serifcan Ozcan who is proving his 911TF Vehicle, which serves as a test platform for innovative companies looking to explore and develop sustainable technologies in challenging environments. This aligns with Meyers Manx's commitment to support off-road motorsports as a testing ground for groundbreaking technologies.

Since its inception in 1967, Meyers Manx has been an icon of off-road racing and American ingenuity. Founder Bruce Meyers' record-breaking 34-hour and 45-minute drive down Mexico's Baja Peninsula in the original Old Red laid the groundwork for the legendary Baja 1000 and inspired a generation of off-road enthusiasts.

P1's CEO, Martin Popilka, said, "Our partnership with Meyers Manx sends a clear message: climate-neutral operation of combustion engines is already possible. We must collaborate with policymakers to scale up technical solutions and make climate-neutral fuel attractive to consumers. This fuel is a crucial component for Germany to achieve climate neutrality by 2045, as some vehicles will still rely on internal combustion engines. We invite government agencies to take a first step now by running parts of their vehicle fleets on CO2-neutral fuel."

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