Spencer Energy Project Open Day at Port Pirie South Australia

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Yadlamalka Energy Pty Ltd is a grid scale battery storage developer. Spencer Energy, our first project, at Bungama, Port Pirie, South Australia, is holding an Open Day on Wednesday 21 June to celebrate the completion of civil works and the commencement of commissioning of our $22m, 2MW/8MWh vanadium flow battery (VFB) and co-located 6MWp solar farm.

This battery, supplied by Invinity Energy Systems (ticker London, AIM:IES), is a major first for renewable energy in Australia. It will unlock low-cost, low-emission energy for the Australian grid, producing approximately 10 GWh of ‘dispatchable’ solar power each year. Spencer Energy is pioneering the development of grid scale, medium duration vanadium flow batteries to support the renewables transition.

Australia’s rapid uptake of renewable energy in recent years has driven the need for investment in flexible energy storage technologies to manage the variable output from those generation sources. The Spencer Energy Project provides a glimpse into the future of electricity grids in Australia and around the world. It has been supported by ARENA, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, with a significant grant of $5.7m AUD.

The vanadium flow battery will charge from excess electricity produced by solar panels when the sun is at its peak (and potentially from off-peak imports from the grid). This electricity can then be delivered when it is most needed, such as in the evening when grid loads are high from consumer demand, or when solar generation is no longer available. By using vanadium flow batteries to complete this ‘time shift’, solar power becomes ‘dispatchable’, meaning it can be deployed to the grid when it is most valuable, at any time of day or night. Storage technologies, originally developed in Australia, such as vanadium flow batteries will ultimately reduce the cost of energy to consumers whilst accelerating progress towards net zero.

First developed at the University of New South Wales in the 1980s, vanadium flow batteries are a leading alternative to more well-known lithium-ion batteries in stationary energy storage applications.

Safer and more durable than lithium-ion batteries, Invinity’s VFBs are well suited to heavy- duty applications such as ‘time shifting’ renewables because daily charge and discharge cycles do not degrade a VFB’s capacity even after decades of service. They are also non- flammable and can operate effectively in hot climates without the need for additional fire suppression systems. They do not contain conflict minerals and are almost completely recyclable at end of life, a significant advantage over lithium-ion.

The key working element inside a VFB – vanadium – is sustainably sourced. It is more abundant than some of the other critical minerals for the energy transition such as copper, nickel, cobalt and lithium, and there are deposits and electrolyte production in regions across the world, including Australia.

These characteristics make VFBs an ideal complement for utility-scale deployment alongside intermittent renewables such as solar PV, and as a future component of a decarbonized Australian electricity grid.

The Open Day will provide an opportunity to inspect the site and to learn more about this emerging technology and its contribution to the renewables transition in Australia.

Andrew Doman, Chairman, Yadlamalka Energy and Matt Harper, Chief Commercial Officer, Invinity will be available for interview on request.

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