Proserv – Market Surveillance - Booster Pumps

Source: 6/28/2023, Location: Europe

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has conducted market surveillance of Proserv Norge (Proserv). The surveillance identified serious breaches of the regulations. We have now given Proserv a notification of order.

• The surveillance was conducted on 21 April 2023.
• The notification of order was made on 12 June 2023.

During 2020 and 2021, we conducted reactive market surveillance of Proserv and their gas booster pumps. Proserv has previously confirmed to us that the technical documentation, including operating instructions, is to be reviewed and brought into compliance with the regulatory requirements. Proserv has also indicated that they would reinforce their competence in respect of the regulations and work to ensure good internal quality control.

The objective of the market surveillance was to monitor how Proserv has implemented corrective measures in accordance with the plan submitted in 2020 and ensured that both products and necessary documentation comply with the regulatory requirements.

The audit identified six regulatory breaches, and one factor that we have chosen to categorise as an improvement point.

The non-conformities concerned:
• Inadequate compliance with the requirement to protect life and health
• Safety valves that do not meet essential safety requirements
• Pressure gauges that do not meet essential safety requirements
• Information in operating instructions
• Labelling
• Declaration of conformity

The improvement point concerned an aspect of:
• Declaration of conformity

Notification of order
On this basis, we have issued the following notification of order to Proserv:
Pursuant to the Machinery Regulations, Section 15 concerning supervision, etc. and the Pressure Equipment Regulations, Section 40 concerning supervision; with reference to the Working Environment Act, Section 18-6 (1) and the Petroleum Act, Section 10-3, first paragraph, we order Proserv Norge AS to:
1. Bring the aforementioned gas booster pump and associated documentation into compliance with Appendix 1 of the Machinery Regulations. This applies to all gas booster pumps with similar deficiencies that Proserv has placed on the market in Norway, with reference to the Machinery Regulations, Section 5 concerning the design and construction of machinery.
2. Document with the assistance of a technical control body, designated in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Regulations, that safety valves and pressure gauges fitted to gas booster pumps already placed on the market comply with the essential safety requirements referred to in Appendix 1 of the Pressure Equipment Regulations. This also applies to other pressurised components, such as pressure switches, to which the Pressure Equipment Regulations apply.
3. Ensure that new gas booster pumps are manufactured with pressure components that comply with the definitions in the Pressure Equipment Regulations, with reference to the Pressure Equipment Regulations, Section 13 concerning the manufacturer’s obligations, item 1., with reference to Section 8 concerning safety accessories and pressure accessories intended to fulfil essential safety requirements.

The deadline for complying with the order is 1 November 2023. We are to be notified when the order has been carried out.

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