Optimum & Tignis Enter into Worldwide Exclusivity Agreement to Advance Efficiency for HVAC Solutions

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 7/6/2023, Location: North America

Optimum Energy ("Optimum"), a leading supplier of energy optimization solutions, and Tignis, Inc. ("Tignis"), a pioneer in AI/ML solutions for advanced process control, today announced a new multi-year worldwide exclusive agreement to provide a closed loop HVAC solution for smart buildings worldwide, including for semiconductor fabs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and universities, among others. PAICe Monitor from Tignis will be embedded into Optimum's control software solution to rapidly identify operational anomalies that negatively impact energy usage and carbon emissions in built environments worldwide. Optimum customers will benefit from additional operating cost savings and improved sustainability for their ongoing operations.

PAICe Monitor is a production-proven, AI-powered analytics solution that ingests existing operational data and learns the nuances of a customer's process to automatically detect anomalies that can lead to costly operational variances in their built environment. In parallel, PAICe Monitor accelerates root cause analysis by identifying the most highly correlated interactions of system inputs and environmental variables, enabling support teams to proactively address issues that impact operational excellence.

Optimum's state-of-the-art control software provides continuous system-level optimization of water-cooled chilled water plants, air handling units, boiler plants, among other energy system equipment, without requiring operator intervention. The software acts as a seamless intelligent supervisor for a customer's HVAC building automation system. Regardless of building load or ambient conditions, Optimum's technology automatically delivers the most efficient operation of an entire energy system resulting in increased equipment life, and energy and cost savings of up to 50%.

"Tignis is hyper-focused on leveraging AI to autonomously optimize process control and improve operational efficiency in advanced manufacturing environments," said Jon Herlocker, CEO and Co-Founder of Tignis. "We are delighted to partner with Optimum to leverage our AI-powered process control solutions and we look forward to helping them continue to expand that capability to all of their global customers."

"We are pleased to enter into this multi-year engagement with Tignis," said Larry Stapleton, President of Optimum Energy. "Tignis is a leader in their field, and their technology is enhancing our ability to achieve double-digit improvement in energy savings and reliability for our customers. We are looking forward to expanding our use of Tignis technology across our portfolio of customers."

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