TechTAC® Highlights Tubing Anchor that Can Navigate Oil Well Casing Patches

Source: 11/7/2023, Location: North America

TechTAC®, an industry leader in downhole tubing anchor solutions, today highlighted the availability of the Slimline® Casing Patch TAC, a tubing anchor catcher that gives engineers and field personnel more options for anchoring a tubing string within an oil well where the wellbore casing has been patched, is swollen or has a reduced ID due to scale. This custom-made anchor leverages innovative mechanics and the unique design of the Slimline® to navigate an oil well casing patch or similar anomaly while still being able to fully set below the patch or affected area.

“Oil well casings may need to be patched for a variety of reasons – from corrosion to mechanical damage – and those patches can create unique challenges for tubing anchors,” said Luke Reary, Operations Manager with TechTAC®. “A TAC that is small enough to pass through a patch sleeve usually isn’t large enough to be securely set in other portions of the well.”

As a workaround, some operators choose to set the anchor above the patch. However, this approach can limit the effectiveness of the anchor if the casing patch is placed high up within the well. For instance, if a casing patch is deployed at 2,000 feet within an 8,000-ft well, setting the TAC above the patch means the anchor is not securing most of the production string, making the tubing much more susceptible to wear and tear and hampering pump efficiency.

The Slimline® Casing Patch TAC gives operators an alternative to this workaround. For example, a 5.5” 20 PPF patched casing has a reduced drift of 4.218” compared to 4.653” for an unpatched casing drift. In that setting, the OD of the Slimline® Casing Patch TAC is 4.10”. Yet despite a reduced OD that allows it to move through a patched portion of the well casing, the anchor can be fully set using the same setting procedure as the original Slimline®. With that flexibility, operators can set the TAC above or below the casing patch, based on each well’s ideal design.

The Slimline® Casing Patch TAC is available in a variety of sizes based on the unique requirements of each patched well. To learn more or get a quote, contact the TechTAC® team at or +1 (435) 781-1675.

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