CMG Announces Partnership with ABB to Deliver Powerful New Technology

Source: 10/31/2023, Location: North America

Computer Modelling Group Ltd. (“CMG” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce a partnership with global technology leader ABB to integrate CMG’s subsurface simulation technology into ABB’s digital twin platform for commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) operations.

The partnership aims to develop a new product in which ABB will use its AbilityTM OPTIMAX® energy management system to integrate above ground digital twin technology with CMG’s subsurface modelling, providing a full ‘source to storage’ solution to support the successful operation of CCS projects.

“This partnership brings together two powerful technologies to develop a solution to support the intelligent, real-time operational decision making required to make carbon storage a success at scale,” commented Pramod Jain, CMG CEO. “Advanced subsurface modelling is necessary to assess and monitor risks of CO2 injection against various operating scenarios and is critical to the safety, feasibility and scaling of carbon capture and storage projects. We are pleased to partner with ABB, a global leader in innovation, to provide our industry leading, subsurface simulation capabilities to their enhanced digital twin technology.”

“Capturing and storing carbon dioxide underground is a highly technical and challenging process,” said Brandon Spencer, President of ABB Energy Industries. “Without subsurface modelling, industry simply cannot calculate the cost or manage the risks, which is crucial if we are to scale the CCS market to the extent required to support decarbonization of industry and emissions reductions in line with the Paris Accord.”

This technology is intended to bridge the gap between subsurface modelling and above ground digital twin technology, providing a comprehensive solution for real-time monitoring, risk assessment, and operational efficiency in CCS projects. This integrated approach has the potential to revolutionize the CCS industry by making it more scalable, cost-effective, and supportive of decarbonization efforts, which is essential in achieving environmental sustainability goals.

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