Annual Threat and Risk Assessments

Source: 2/13/2024, Location: Europe

Unclassified threat and risk assessments for 2024 were presented on 12 February by the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS), the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) and the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM).

Havtil Security
Taking account of these evaluations is important for both government agencies and companies.

NIS ­– Focus 2024
The NIS is Norway’s foreign intelligence agency. It reports to the Chief of Defence Norway, but covers both civilian and military matters. Its main job is to warn of external threats to Norway and priority Norwegian interests, support the armed forces and the defence alliances the country belongs to, and assist political decision processes with information of special interest for Norwegian foreign, security and defence policies.

In its annual Focus assessment, the NIS provides its analysis of the current position and expected developments in thematic and geographical areas which it considers particularly relevant for Norway’s security and national interests.

PST – National Threat Assessment 2024
The PST is Norway’s domestic intelligence and security service, and is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. Its job is to prevent and investigate serious criminality directed against national security.

It identifies and assesses threats related to intelligence, sabotage, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and extremism. Its assessments contribute to shaping policy and supporting political decision processes.

The PST’s annual national threat assessment provides an analysis of expected developments in its area of responsibility – such as terrorism, espionage and threats to authority figures.

NSM ­– Risk 2024
The NSM is Norway’s directorate for preventive national security. It gives advice on and carries out audits and other checks on both civilian and military sides related to the security of information, systems, objects and infrastructure of national significance. The NSM also has a national responsibility for identifying serious cyber operations, warning about them and coordinating responses.

Through its Risk report, the NSM assesses the risk of society being affected by deliberate acts which could harm important societal interests.

The petroleum sector
Russia’s war in Ukraine has concentrated greater attention on the threat picture for the petroleum sector, energy security in Europe and the importance of secure operation on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS).

Norway makes an important contribution to the current position by maintaining a high production of oil and gas through continued great regularity in the delivery chain.

The Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil) emphasises that a close relationship exists between security and high regularity.

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