DAC Robotics Selects OSARO Mixed-Case Robotic Depal for Warehouse Replenishment System

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 3/7/2024, Location: North America

DAC Robotics is teaming with OSARO, a global leader in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, to launch a breakthrough warehouse replenishment system that debuts next week at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta (booth A9509). The DAC Robotics system combines the OSARO® Robotic Depalletization System with DAC’s latest automatic box opening ABOT and its automated decant robot.

For the first time, fulfillment operators and 3PLs can now deploy an integrated and fully automated system capable of performing three crucial tasks: depalletizing, box opening, and decanting.

“Today’s technology announcement is the culmination of more than three years of development, engineering and testing to integrate all automated work cells in the receiving and decanting process for warehouse intralogistics automation,” said Mark Ganninger, president of DAC Robotics. “With OSARO’s SightWorks Perception Software, we were able to design and deploy a system that met our exacting specifications.”

While many other tasks downstream from the loading dock have been automated, the hazardous manual tasks of unstacking, sorting, scanning, opening, and transferring (decanting) master pack box contents into standard totes are often still performed by humans. To automate the entire process, DAC Robotics needed a high-performance depalletizing system capable of unloading a wide variety of box sizes and shapes from a pallet and then handing off each box to an automated box-opening robot in preparation for decant.

The OSARO Robotic Depalletization System is equipped with OSARO SightWorks™ Perception Software, which enables the robot to recognize, select and successfully grasp the varied sizes and materials of unevenly stacked packages commonly found on mixed-case pallets that arrive at a loading dock. The system can depalletize the most technically challenging mixed-case pallets at rates that provide cost-effective automation of replenishment and reverse logistics.

“In today's busy ecommerce and fulfillment warehouses, thousands of different SKUs arrive on mixed or homogenous pallet loads every day. The variance and multiplicity of pallet stacks, mixed pallet stacks, box construction, and box conditions can easily exceed millions of possibilities,” said OSARO CEO Derik Pridmore. “OSARO’s robotic depal system is the perfect teammate for DAC’s robotic box opener and decant system because it can maintain a high rate of in-bound merchandise, 24x7.”

The fully integrated system being demonstrated at MODEX includes:
A DAC Robotics mixed-case depalletizing system, powered by OSARO SightWorks™ Perception. The system can rapidly depalletize the most technically challenging mixed-case pallets.
A DAC Robotics ABOT (automated box opening technology), which features the most advanced box metrology and dimensional capture to ensure precision opening of the widest range of box sizes and types prior to decant.

A DAC Robotics Precision Decanting system. DAC offers the widest, most advanced solutions in decant — from fully automated precision handling of the most delicate glassware and foil packs to semi-automated designs that allow for necessary operator re-pack and consolidation functions, or additional process work to optimize and utilize the highest percentage of a re-packed tote’s capacity.

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