Automated FastFrame Moves Heat Exchanger Plates With a Push of a Button

Source: 3/13/2024, Location: North America

APV, a part of SPX FLOW's suite of process solutions, released the new Plate Heat Exchanger Automated FastFrame™ with improved usability and durability, saving time and money for food and beverage operators.

The new Automated FastFrame design:

- Opens and closes in minutes with the push of a button

- Ensures consistent tightening across the plate pack

- Features user-friendly control and setup

- Reduces downtime for maintenance and cleaning

The new FastFrame series includes two versions with different closing mechanisms: a previously released version, which uses a powered wrench to open and close the frame, and the new automated version.

The FastFrame is a beneficial addition to many food and beverage processes, including dairy, egg, juice and processed food applications. It can save valuable production time by significantly shortening the time required to open and close the plate heat exchanger. A process that used to take hours now takes only minutes.

Samuel Glover, SPX FLOW Global Product Manager for Plate Heat Exchangers: "With a push of a button, our customers can now have even better control when cleaning and maintaining their plate heat exchangers. With more than 100 years in the plate heat exchanger industry, APV continues to work to make it easier, safer and more cost-effective overall for our customers."

APV celebrated the 100th anniversary of the plate heat exchanger in 2023. Richard Seligman, the founder of the APV Group, first introduced it in 1923.

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