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SWAT Robot
SWAT Robot
High Flow Valve for Control of Pneumatic Actuators
High Flow Valve for Control of Pneumatic Actuators
Flexing Test Stand (P/N: P1014)
Flexing Test Stand (P/N: P1014)
Plug valves
Plug valves
Rotary Piston Meter - Series RPF
Rotary Piston Meter - Series RPF
Standard: API SPEC 7-1 Material: 4145H, 4145H Mod. Size: 2 1/2" - 6" for square kelly, 3" - 6" for Hex kelly, in vario...

ReinforceKit Coating
This product is intended for the repair and strengthening of corroded pipes.
It is the best solution to protect y...

Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer
The 400-WF Fire Fighting Trailer is a water/foam one-axle trailer with a mounted portable pump and a 400 l foam tank, de...

Air Supply Hose Reel - Automatic - SK type
Air supply hose reel with polyurethane hose, SK type. Work at pressure 10 kg/cm2. Suitable for surface, ceiling, wall in...

Sucker rod power tong XQ28/2.6Y
Sucker rod power tong XQ28/2.6Y: Pipe size range of master tong: 5/8''-1 1/8'' suck rod; Pipe size range of the backup t...

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