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Structural steel is fabricated at Abies, Damietta, Edko, Portsaid and Maadia workshops.
Design and Fabrication of Steel Structures
We are able to undertake large complex projects in the Oil and Gas industry such as Offshore platforms, Petrochemical complexes or Refineries. Our fac...
Steel Works
Design, fabrication and erection of Large & Medium structural steel works for Power Plant, Refineries, Petrochemicals industries.
Bailey type unit bridge
Design, engineering, manufacture, supply & installation of Bailey type unit bridges for Roads, defence services, railways.
Contracting Services
Design, Detailed Engineering, Supply, Fabrication, Construction, Testing and Commissioning Works in Oil, Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical Industries.
Pre-engineered Steel Construction Buildings
Pre-engineered Steel Construction Buildings are designed for large space needs. These structures may be easily dispatched to any part of the world. Pr...

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